72% of Louisiana Public Favors Film and Other Tax Incentives for Businesses

by Micah Haley on March 26, 2015

1419354491_will-smith-margot-robbie-zoomIn the run-up to each fiscal session of the Louisiana Legislature, critical media coverage of the State’s tax incentive programs intensifies in both print and broadcast media. In a year when the State of Louisiana has a projected budget shortfall, that coverage is even more intense. But it doesn’t accurately reflect the positive impact that programs like Louisiana’s film incentive program are having on the general public, many of whom work in or own businesses that have been impacted by the film industry.

A new report released today says that the Louisiana public overwhelmingly favors tax incentives to attract businesses to the state, including Louisiana’s film tax incentives. You can read the report in its entirety here. The report comes from Louisiana State University’s Public Policy Research Lab, which conducted the 2015 Louisiana Survey.

The report states that “nearly three fourths of residents (72%) support reducing state taxes on businesses to get them to come to Louisiana. A smaller majority (55%) supports using state government funds to pay businesses to get them to come to Louisiana.” Both of these statements describe the State of Louisiana’s film tax incentive program, along with other initiatives.

Even after pollsters offered specific arguments raised by critics of tax incentives, the Louisiana public remained supportive.

The support for tax incentives as a tool for economic development is also nonpartisan. “Both Democrats and Republicans support reducing state taxes on businesses,” the report says, although the two parties differ on the details of how the reduction is implemented.

I believe so strongly that part of the story isn’t being told, I chaired a Kickstarter campaign to fund an independent economic impact study to prove it. Hundreds of people statewide believed in it and together we raised $55,818 to fund the study. We’re still waiting on the results of that study. But in the meantime, this is another new study just released that continues to show how much wide support the film tax incentives have.

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