Editor’s Blog – An Introduction

by Micah Haley on April 30, 2012

You may have noticed our love for film. It is the industry that birthed Scene Magazine, after all. Though we lovingly cover music and fashion, and anything that entertains, film is who we are.¬†Yet, noticeably absent from our family of publications are film reviews. You’ll see a few of those here. Also absent from our editorial planning are album reviews, so you’ll see a few of those here too. I’ll also include anything that gets left our for one reason or another. Sometimes there’s great information or an amazing photo that just doesn’t make the cut.

For the most part, though, everything here will simply be things that have earned my favor. Great movies, great music and great experiences. I’m leaving comments open, so please feel free to join me.

Some of my musings will warrant front page exposure (with the noted exception of this admittedly poor introduction). To view the entire blog, you can find the link in the menu bar under “Film” or click here.


Micah Haley
Scene Magazine