‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ at Comic Con

by Elizabeth Glauser on July 13, 2012

The cast of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 opened up San Diego Comic Con with a panel revealing some juicy tidbits from the last film.

All of the Twilight franchise favorites were present, with director Bill Condon joining in via video. At the panel, the first seven minutes of the film were revealed with the footage focusing on Bella’s first minutes as a vampire. Viewers saw through Bella’s new vamp-amped eyes, with every little detail of the world around her incredibly refined. After her first seconds of sight, she’s reunited with her husband Edward and the two head to the wilderness to test out her new abilities. Her first trials as a vampire includes a fight with a mountain lion, resisting the urge to hunt humans and skipping across waterfalls.

After their return, Bella’s former fling Jacob is waiting to tell her his connection to her daughter. Before she takes the time to learn about their love connection, she heads inside to meet her little girl. Before getting a peek at Renesme, the Comic Con clip ends. Catch the rest of the Baton Rouge shot film when it comes to theaters November 16th.

Source: Slashfilm