DEVELOPING: Batman 3 to begin shooting April 2011 in New Orleans?

by Arthur Vandelay on October 6, 2010

Rumors have been circulating for months in Louisiana regarding Christopher Nolan’s follow-up to “The Dark Knight” possibly shooting in New Orleans, but other than this teaser from in August, things have been fairly quiet nationally. Today, is reporting that, not only will principle photography begin April 2011, but it will indeed be in New Orleans.

Given the uncertain nature of the film industry, Scene Magazine does not leap at every chance to prematurely confirm rumors as facts regarding the film industry. To illustrate this point, Warner Bros’ “Green Lantern,” which recently wrapped production in New Orleans, prepped to shoot in Australia for nearly a year before completely relocating to Louisiana.

Rumor control: Warner Bros has clearly had good experiences shooting in Louisiana, having recently shot “Jonah Hex” and “Green Lantern” here, and now shooting “The Lucky One” at Second Line Stages. While it is true that “Batman 3” has been considering Louisiana (virtually every studio project does), the initial pre-certification required to take advantage of Louisiana’s tax credits has not yet been filed with the State of Louisiana. This is a necessary step to confirm that such a highly anticipated project is indeed serious about shooting in Louisiana.