EDITOR’S LETTER: Join LFEA to Support Louisiana Film

by Arthur Vandelay on March 20, 2013

Three years ago, Scene Magazine was created to tell people about the great things that are happening in Louisiana. Although there was some awareness by the general public that films were being shot here, we wanted to share even more stories from the great chapter in this state’s history that is currently being written.

We are unabashed supporters of Louisiana’s entertainment industry. This still-young sector of our economy holds much promise for the future. Filmmakers are no longer mere tourists; they are residents. They are raising their children here, and the industry they are helping to build offers new opportunities for all of Louisiana’s children. As a member of the first generation that has benefited from this new industry, I want it to be there for college students who are just graduating and kids that are still in grade school.

The Louisiana Film & Entertainment Association (LFEA) is a non-profit organization created to help grow and advocate for Louisiana’s emerging entertainment industry. More than just a loose collection of film fans, the board of LFEA is comprised of business owners and professionals that actively work to bring more work to Louisiana. They represent a cross-section of the industry, each offering different perspectives on how this industry benefits the state.

For a limited time, LFEA is offering free memberships. Whether you work in the entertainment industry, do business with it, or just want to support this new sector of Louisiana’s economy, sign up now at www.lfea.org/join.

And tell your friends to join as well. We’ve added an LFEA button to the right sidebar of the website to make it easy to find.