EDITOR’S NOTE: Announcing ‘Scene Today’

by Arthur Vandelay on June 23, 2014



Friends of Scene,

I’m really excited to announce Scene Today, a new daily email from the team at Scene Magazine. It’s something we’re really proud of and can’t wait to share with you each day.

We’ve worked really hard on this. I want to thank Kelli Binnings in particular for the fancy new logo above, and for the design of the Scene Today email itself. And thanks to Michelle Preau for enduring literally seven million test emails.

You can sign up to receive Scene Today for free here or tell the old schoolers in your life to go to scene-today.com.

Full press release with more details below.

Thank you!


Micah Haley



Scene Magazine Launches Daily Entertainment News Email Scene Today

New Orleans, LA – June 23, 2014 – Scene Magazine announces the launch of Scene Today, a new daily email featuring exclusives and other entertainment-related headlines. The first edition of Scene Today will be released on Monday, June 23.

“While our specialty has always been more in-depth pieces, the demand for a daily email like this has been incredible,” says Micah Haley, editor-in-chief of Scene Magazine. “With Scene Today, we’ve worked hard to get the email experience just right. As a platform, email allows us to deliver exciting content to an influential audience not only on a daily basis, but as entertainment news breaks.”

At launch, Scene Today will tap into Scene Magazine’s impressive list of business owners, entertainment professionals and thousands of film, music and fashion fans. “Say ‘email’ and most people think either ‘work’ or ‘spam,’” says Haley. “Scene Today is an escape from both: a brief but highly informative look at film, music, fashion and what you’ll be doing this weekend. And if you work in entertainment, it’s an essential resource.”

The design of Scene Today was developed with the mobile experience in mind. “According to comScore, almost 70% of all mobile phones are now smart phones,” says Andre Champagne, publisher of Scene Magazine. “We’re increasingly reading email on our phonesScene Today is optimized for mobile, but also looks great on bigger screens.”

Founded by film industry insiders, Scene Magazine quickly established itself as an authority in film and entertainment news. “Our exclusive content has always been our strength,” says Haley. “Scene Today is a new opportunity not only to break more exclusives, but to deliver them in a way that will quickly and positively impact the entertainment industry.”

Scene Magazine will offer its Scene Today email for free. A signup form that requires only an email address is available at scene-today.com.

Scene Magazine is a high gloss, premier film and entertainment publication founded in New Orleans in 2009. Focusing on film, music and fashion, each issue features exclusive interviews with actors, musicians, fashion designers, producers, directors and coverage of the business of entertainment. Scene Magazine’s corporate offices are on the lot at Second Line Stages, a built-for-purpose LEED Gold Certified soundstage facility in New Orleans. Scene also has offices at the Celtic Media Centre in Baton Rouge, where 20th Century Fox’s Fantastic Four is currently filming. For more information, visit www.sceneent.com.

Andre J. Champagne is the publisher of Scene Magazine and the CEO of Scene Entertainment, LLC. He is also the founder and CEO of Hollywood Trucks, LLC, a premier entertainment transportation company that just introduced the world’s first 100% eco-friendly talent trailers. After working in the studio system in Los Angeles, he returned to his home state of Louisiana to help develop the film industry in the early years of the State of Louisiana’s groundbreaking film investor tax credit program.

Micah Haley is the editor-in-chief of Scene Magazine and the vice president of Scene Entertainment, LLC. After working in the film industry, he accepted a position as the Deputy Director of the New Orleans Office of Film & Video, where he worked directly with producers and studio executives to bring millions of dollars in direct economic impact to the city of New Orleans. He left that position in 2009 to help launch Scene Magazine.


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