First on “Straw Dogs” from director Rod Lurie

by Arthur Vandelay on June 28, 2010

Despite its impressive cast list, “Straw Dogs” shot in Shreveport early last fall mostly under the radar. Now director Rod Lurie has emerged from the editing room to attend the Saturn Awards, where Bloody Disgusting grabbed some quotes from him regarding how his remake will compare to the famously brutal original:

I think it’s as intense if not more [than the original]. I keep reading on blogs how we’re gonna have to water things down, and how we’re gonna have to tone down the rape scene, and tone down the violence in the movie, and that’ll be one of the expectations that people have where it’ll [defy] their expectations I think. It’s definitely a hard-‘R’, definitely a hard-‘R’. It’s a tough film, it’s very exciting and very unnerving I would say. But real edge of your seat stuff, I hope.

A remake of legendary director Sam Peckinpah’s seminal 1971 film, “Straw Dogs” stars James Marsden and Kate Bosworth as a married couple who move back to her hometown in the deep South. As tension builds between the couple, a conflict with locals stemming from her past confronts them. Also starring are James Woods and Alexander Skarsgard, who will soon be returning to Louisiana to shoot “Battleship” in Baton Rouge.

Source: Bloody Disgusting