Former LSU lineman T-Bob Hebert Answers the Tough Questions

by Arthur Vandelay on April 23, 2014

T-Bob Hebert is a former LSU offensive lineman who now hosts the sports talk radio show Morning Drive with T-Bob Hebert and Kristian Garic on the New Orleans radio station 3WL 1350AM. On the popular website and content aggregator Reddit, he recently did an AMA – or Ask Me Anything – in which users can ask any question directly to celebrities, experts and other noteworthy figures.

Q: What really happened the night before the Nation Championship Game and the day before the game? The fans want the truth.” (via Redditor amosel1)

A: I don’t think your going to like what I have to say, however it is the honest truth. Nothing out of the ordinary happened the night before the game. I understand why it seems like that absolutely cannot be the case. We beat 9 ranked teams, we beat the Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl, and National Champions that year. We won every game by at least 10 points with the exception of Alabama and nine of those came against ranked teams. We set school records for largest margin of victory against multiple SEC opponents. Had we won the National Championship we could have arguably been considered the greatest team of all time. How in the WORLD do you go from this to not even crossing the 50 yard line??? I do not know. Yes, Alabama had the best defense I have ever played against (I think almost two deep played in the NFL) but that is still no excuse for not being able to do anything. There must be a reason… and on the surface there appears to be one. Because we suffered this terrible loss, combined with the drama with my Dad and Les Miles in the press conference after the game, and topped off that myself/Russell Shepard/Jarrett Lee didn’t play a single down in that game rumors started to swirl that there had been drama in the week/night before the game. None of them are true. Me and Jordan never fought. I didn’t stage a revolution to try to get anyone subbed in. I’ve heard a 100 different stories of what supposedly took place. Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. I went into that game fully expecting to play. I knew I wasn’t starting anymore (got pulled the last four games following a personal foul against western kentucky) but in the other games I was still filling in at all the three interior positions as a rotator. The fact that I didn’t play is still one of the most shameful points of my career. Everybody wanted to win the game. The coaches stood to gain nothing by losing and if I didn’t play that means that they flat out didn’t think I could help them win. That bugs the hell out of me because I think I had proven to them that wasn’t the case but that apparently I was wrong. I didn’t get to touch the field during my final college football game and I will never be able to get an opportunity like that back. It will always bug me but thats just life I guess. Losing the National Championship like we did was like watching a life time of work evaporate before my eyes. To work so hard and be so close to achieving literally every goal you had set and then to fail so spectacularly will annoy me for the rest of my life. But, all in all I take positive memories from LSU as I had some amazing and truly unforgettable experiences both at the school and in Tiger Stadium.

Q: What was the feeling once you found out you had to play Bama again in 2011? (via jsney20)

A: At the time we were all in. We took the mindset we didn’t care who we had to play. Looking back it really pisses me off hahaha. It frustrates me to no end that they got back in the National Championship game without even winning their half of the conference. I believe Ok St did enough to get a chance for us to steamroll them xD. But like I said, I will never stop being bugged by it, I am going to be a miserable old man complaining about how those damn Bama punks should have never been allowed back in. At the end of the day however, you don’t really have a leg to stand on because we still had a chance to win the natty we just got our butts kicked.

Q: Where did you stand in the Jordan Jefferson/Jarret Lee debate, and how did you feel about Jarret Lee never getting another meaningful snap after the game of the century? (via SundayFaptism)

A: I think it was a poor decision for him not to continue to play. A mixture of the two could have worked.

Q: Can you tell us more about the 2010 Tennessee debacle? Why were you more aware of the clock than Jordan Jefferson? What was his confusion? What was going on in the team’s mind down on the field before the penalty was called? How did the dynamic of the team change once the second chance was available? (via TigersLouisianaTexan)

A: Let it be known that I got UNBELIEVABLY LUCKY that we won this game. I didn’t snap the ball because I knew they had 13 people on the field I just did it because the clock was going to run out. The craziest part is I had a true Luke Skywalker moment where I saw Will Blackwell’s head appear and yell at me to snap the ball. The reason was he had made fun of me for a year because I didn’t snap it against Ole Miss the year previously and we lost. The confusion was that we didn’t have a play called. We called a running play with zero timeouts and now way to stop the clock however normally you would have an immediately follow up play called, but we did not. After we got snapped there we’re multiple formations being signaled in and to this day I am not sure how we were in a legal formation, but sometimes its better to be lucky than good. The emotional U turn that took place was one of the most intense experiences of my life. To go from losing the game to then having a chance to win it in a winner take all 0:00 left on the clock situation, and then following through and getting in the end zone was spectacular. I had like 13 family members there too including my sisters who never got to go because they lived in California. Amazing memory will carry it with me forever.

Also, Jarrett is the real hero of that game. Came in cold on 4th and 18 and got us a first down… thats crazy

Q: Outside of Tiger Stadium, what were some of your favorite places to play? (via That_One_Guy_Always)

A: So many great stadiums. Alabama post the 100,000 upgrade was probably the loudest by a hair (also that was the “Game of the Century so that might factor in). The Swamp was always tough and probably second toughest but winning there my JR year was one of the greatest memories of my life. No one talks trash like the swamp as the fans are right on top of you. Getting called a fatass all game and then winning felt good. South Carolina’s stadium had an incredible atmosphere. It felt like everyone was good friends just wanting to party. Almost like a giant rowdy high school game. UGA was also pretty great. I grew up in Ga and went to a bunch of games when I was being recruited and being an LSU fan that grew up in enemy territory it was really nice to get a win in Athens my first year starting in 09. Auburn’s is ok. It sucked losing to Cam Newton but it was never to hard to communicate. Plus, that stupid 2 bits cheer is the least intimidating thing I have ever heard. Going to West Virginia was a great experience and playing back to back games in Jerry World (Dallas Stadium? I dk the name) was great. We beat A&M in the Cotton Bowl and then opened with your Ducks the next season.

In terms of loudness 1. Bama (post upgrade) 2. Florida 3. UGA 4. South Carolina 5. Auburn. Honorable Mention: Miss St. for being the most annoying place ever with 50,000 cowbells

Q: There was a lot of publicity recently about gay football players. Did any players come out to you in college? Do you think you played with any gay players while at LSU? (via blueboybob)

A: I didn’t have any players come out to me in college and I only really ever heard one rumor about a guy who may have been gay but I would have absolutely no problem with it. Who am I to tell someone what should turn them on and what shouldn’t? I am into some weird shit sexually and I don’t know why but it just appeals to me naturally so who am I to judge. Also its not just sexually, me telling a gay person to be straight is like a gay person telling me to be gay, it just doesn’t work that way. People like what they like and to each his own! I just want everyone to be happy xD

Q: How was the transition away from playing football? (via Honestly_)

A: It was tough at first. I was with the Rams all the way up until final cuts until I played terrible in the last preseason game (which takes place the night before said cuts) and the next day I went in and as I expected got sent home. Basically I choked, but even at my peak I know that I was only ever going to be an NFL guy for a couple years. A cheap utility player that could make the right calls, but some of those guys are absolutely incredible at football. The vets are true warriors. 53 roster spots sounds like a lot but it really isn’t. After I got cut, I pouted in a dark hotel room for two days before finally shaving my beard cutting my hair and re-emerging into the world. I stayed working out seeing if any other teams would call and the phone never rang. I had a scary moment where I didn’t now what to do because I was always so focused on football and now that was gone. Thanks to some connections made at LSU I was able to start a part time radio gig for a year before landing a morning show in new orleans full time in October. I am loving life now man. Way less stressed out and having a ton of fun… however…. that NFL money would have been incredible xD

Q: How do you think the LSU quarterback race is going to shake out? It appears to me that Harris has won the job as of now, but is the eye test deceiving me? (via Yaherd_Meigh)

A: Tough to say. The nice part is I am pretty confident in whoever wins the job because they are being trained up by Cam Cameron. Dude seems like an incredible coach. I wish I had been able to play for him to pick his brain. Harris looked better in the spring game but that is just one day. We can’t see the body of work that they put in day in and day out during that month. That said, there are a lot of things I love about Harris. I had the chance to interview him when he was still impressed and came away extremely impressed with his confidence and intelligence. Both will be key if he is asked to handle the pressures of starting in the SEC.

Q: As someone who didn’t make it pro and while good in college not a top star. How do you feel about college athletes being paid? I don’t want to get personal, but I imagine your father helped with college expenses some. Did you have to take any loans to graduate? (via blueboybob)

A: Yeah I’m not a good person to ask because I have been extremely blessed. I never wanted for anything and for that I am very thankful to my two parents. That said I would like to see athletes get something additional. The college game today is 100% then it was when the rules that we abide by were put in place. Just because something is the status quo for a while doesn’t make it right. The rules need to evolve and adapt just as the game and coverage of the game has. The writing is on the wall it is only a matter of time until something big happens.

Q: Did you have any emotional relationship to how well your running backs were doing on a given play? For instance, would you get an adrenaline rush and start blowing people off the line after a big gain? Also, do you have an opinion you would care to share about how the game against Alabama ended last season? Specifically, do you think the criticism of the offensive line was warranted? (via seanmillsartist)

A: This is actually a very insightful question. There is definitely an adrenaline rush when you break off a big run. In 2011 we specialized in grinding defenses down till they could no longer hang. One of the best feelings was when you break the first long run and then you start stringing em together. Absolutely demoralizing for the D and reinvigorating for the O.

Alabama just flat out played better than LSU last year. Also, LSU was a very young team… when you’re that young it leads to inconsistent performances.

Q: What player has hit you the hardest? (via NellyD15)

A: Hahah not going to believe this but lil Jeff Demps from Florida knocked me cold out during a kick return vs Florida in ’08. It was a short kicked and as soon as I turned around he was under my chin. I weighed so much more than him that he actually fell over and my fat lifeless body fell on top of him. The next thing I remember I was on the 50 yard line taking a knee with the Florida team after we lost by like 30…. not good haha


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