Game of Thrones Episodes to Screen at Local Theatres

by Micah Haley on January 14, 2015


Excellent films have been released in theaters over the past five years. But the best storytelling I’ve come across in the last half decade has all been on television. Once the graveyard of big screen talent, television has become one of the most compelling experiences in media. And Game of Thrones is the best show on television.

HBO’s veteran fantasy drama will cross the now-narrow sea from small screen to the largest screens in advance of its 2015 return. IMAX screens across the country, including some in South Louisiana, will be screening Game of Thrones at the end of this month. It will be the first time ever for the company, which sells premium large format theatrical experiences, to show television content.

The two-hour event will feature two hour-long episodes from Game of Thrones season four, followed by a special season five sneak preview that’s exclusive to IMAX. The tickets to the event go on sale tomorrow, Friday, January 16 here. The event begins on Thursday, January 29 and continues through February 5.

IMAX and HBO had originally scheduled the history-making event to kick off on January 23, but the tremendous response from social media encouraged the partners to expand the one-week engagement to more theaters.

If you live in South Louisiana, you can join me as I slam popcorn and Diet Coke at one of these three participating theaters:

AMC Baton Rouge 16 (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
AMC Westbank Palace 16 (Harvey, Louisiana)
Grand 16 – (Slidell, Louisiana)

New theaters are being added everyday. And if you talk during my screening, remember those words from Arya Stark: “Valar Morghulis.”

All men must die.