IN THEATERS: ‘Fury’, ‘The Best of Me’, ‘The Book of Life’, ‘Men, Women & Children’

by Michelle Preau on October 17, 2014



Go back to 1945 during WWII as the Allies take their final push in the European Theatre. Brad Pitt stars as Sergeant Wardaddy, commander of a Sherman Tank who must lead his five-man squad behind enemy lines on a lethal mission. Logan Lerman, Shia LeBeouf, Michael Pena and Jon Bernthal also star. 134 min. Rated R.

 The Best of Me

Shot in New Orleans, Louisiana, James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan were high school sweethearts who relight the spark after so many years. Director Michael Hoffman uses flashbacks to display their love story over the years. 117 min. Rated PG-13.

 The Book of Life

Director Jorge R. Gutierrez takes you on an adventure through different worlds. Manolo (Diego Luna) dreams of becoming a musician but must travel through these fantastical worlds facing his greatest fears. Zoe Saldana and Channing Tatum’s voices also star. Tatum 95 min. Rated PG.

Men, Women & Children

Based on Erin Cressida Wilson’s novel, the comedy drama follows a group of high school teens and their parents as they try to uncover the ways the internet has changed their relationships. Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner and Judy Greer star. 119 min. Rated R.