IN THEATERS: ‘Lucy’, ‘Hercules’, ‘Wish I Was Here’

by Rachel McMullen on July 25, 2014



Starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, Lucy is a sci-fi thriller about a woman who is awakened to a laceration in her abdomen. After a man explains to her that he wants her to transport, presumably drugs, across U.S. borders, she is forced to do so. However when the bag starts to secrete the substance into her body she is given access to almost 100% of her brain. After contacting Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) she begins to realize that as she gains more access to her brain  her human instincts become less human. Directed by Luc Besson, Lucy is set to hit theatres July 25th. Rated R. Runtime 90 min.


The classical myth comes to life in Hercules. Staring Dwayne Johnson, Hercules chronicles the twelve labors endured by the neither man nor god. The troubled demigod is at constant war with himself and others when he is commanded by King of Thrace to defeat a tyrannical warlord. John Hurt and Ian McShane join Johnson in the Brett Ratner directed Hercules, out this Friday in theaters. Rated PG-13. Runtime 98 min.

Wish I Was Here

Opening this weekend in New Orleans at Canal Place. Director Zach Braff stars alongside Kate Hudson in this summer comedy, playing a character that finds his crossroads. The movie was launched on Kickstarter, raising $3.1 million dollars, the largest amount to date.  120 min. Rated R.