Intermission Report for Austin City Limits

by Alx Bear on October 8, 2015

Landmark Festival -1

It’s a given that at a large music festival people will rave about the headliners. But for the not-so-commercial music lovers and rock ballad enthusiasts, here is your guide to the second weekend of C3 Presents’ Austin City Limits.

Ben Howard

Time: Sunday, October 11th from 4:30-5:30pm

Stage: Samsung

About: English folkstar, Ben Howard, takes festival-goers on a journey each time he plays. Howard often begins a set seated, as he plays a meditative song like “All is Now Harmed” and then segues into a sorrowful, rock narrative. As calm as Howard’s music sounds, his performances are deep and intense. Gear up for Of Monsters and Men with Ben Howard at the Samsung Stage at 4:30pm.

Landmark Festival -1-2-2


Time: Sunday, October 11th from 1:30- 2:30pm

Stage: Miller Lite

About: Ease into Sunday’s lineup with Daughter. The group’s use of soft melodies and whimsical chimes evokes dream-like states reminiscent of Florence Welch. Lead singer, Elena Tonra’s lullaby voice that will calm you soul and ease your hangover.

Landmark Festival -2


Time: Saturday, October 10th from 3:30-4:30pm

Stage: Austin Ventures

About: The foursome fronted by Matt Myers carries a bluesy, indie-folk vibe, but ruffles just enough feathers to pull in alternative- music starved ears. Zak Appleby (bassist) delivers strong rock ballads coupled with delicate harmonies, while the vocals of Katie Toupin (keyboardist and guitarist) adds a hint of southern country twang. Drummer, Shane Cody, is as laid back as they come and may be found smoking a cigarette while providing the slow-march drumbeat for “Gasoline”. Houndmouth’s lyrics are comically dark, deeply sorrowful and unnervingly introspective.

The London Souls

Time: Friday, October 9th from 2:00-3:00pm

Stage: BMI

About: For years only a secret of New York City and Brooklyn locals, The London Souls have a classic rock vibe that is the 1960’s reinvisioned. The catchy melodies and lyrics of Tash Neal and Chris St. Hilaire are reminiscent of The Beatles, while their sound captures Lenny Kravitz in his prime. The duo’s stage presence and energy are the perfect way to kick of the second weekend.

Run the Jewels

Time: Friday, October 9th from 5:00-6:00pm

Stage: Miller Lite

About: Killer Mike and El-P form the rap duo Run the Jewels. Known for their articulate wordsmithing and manic energy, visitors can expect to hear their hits “Run the Jewels” and “Close Your Eyes.” It will be hard to top their weekend one set, which opened with an entrance to Queen’s “We Are the Champions,” but these rappers have unmatched energy and plenty of crowd love. If you are looking for a group to bounce to during sunset, you should be at Miller Lite Stage at 5:00pm.

Shakey Graves

Time: Saturday, October 10th from 3:20-4:20

Stage: Miller Lite

About: Time to support the “other” hometown local, Alejandro Rose-Garcia. Known as Shakey Graves, Rose-Garcia has an eclectic sound that ranges from country to freak folk to rock. His performance last weekend left viewers in awe as they watched him gallop across the stage, pause to pick his guitar and beat his homemade suitcase drum.