James Marsden, Ed Harris, Eddie Rouse Join HBO’s ‘Westworld’

by Arthur Vandelay on August 12, 2014

17cd0be84a1a735d2dd901eb7227a84d-webHBO’s new drama Westworld brings on X-Men alum James Marsden and Eddie Rouse to play key roles. The drama, starring Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins and Evan Rachel Wood, is inspired by Michael Crichton’s 1973 sci-fi movie that is set at an amusement park.

Ed Harris will play one of the leads: The Man in Black. If that role sounds villainous, it’s because it is. Harris is fresh off a great role in Snowpiercer, the summer sci-fi movie thats making the Weinstein Company’s decision not to re-edit the film look smart.

Marsden is set to play the character of Teddy Flood, a stranger to a small frontier town who quickly proves both his charm, and his talent with a revolver. Rouse will be playing Kissy (short for Kisecawchuck), an American Indian who deals cards and contraband from the town saloon.

Also starring in Westworld are Demetrius Gross, Kyle Bornheimer, Currie Graham, Lena Georgas, Steven Ogg and Timothy Lee DePriest.

Marsden will also be starring in upcoming features The Best Of Me and D-Train – both shot in Louisiana – and Business Trip. You can see more of Rouse in the features Being Flynn, Sundance Award-winning short Rat Pack Rat, Pandorum and American Gangster.combined-actors-pics

Source: Deadline