John Goodman Eyeing ‘Trumbo’ With Bryan Cranston

by Michelle Preau on July 31, 2014


An Argo reunion of sorts is in the works as Emmy and Golden Globe winner John Goodman discusses joining four-time Emmy winner Bryan Cranston in director Jay Roach’s Trumbo. The film is going to be shot in Louisiana.

Cranston will star as screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, a man who became famous for his classics such as Spartacus and Roman Holiday. After refusing to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1947, he was blacklisted bringing his career to a stop. Forcing to write under pseudonyms, he won two Oscars while still blacklisted and eventually returned to using his own name.

Goodman is expected to play Frank King, a film producer whose King Brothers Productions hired the blacklisted writer Trumbo. Trumbo ended up winning an Oscar for The Brave One which was produced by King. In Argo, which similarly involved actual film industry history, Goodman played legendary Hollywood makeup artist John Chambers.

Helen Mirren will star alongside Goodman and Cranston as the gossip columnist that supported Trumbo’s blacklisting.

Trumbo is prepping now in New Orleans for a September 15 start of principle photography. Goodman can next be seen in The Gambler alongside Mark Wahlberg. He’ll also be busy with the New Orleans Film Festival in October as public ambassador for the fest.