Kate Hudson Returns to the Gulf for ‘Deepwater Horizon’

by Jordan McGuire on May 11, 2015


Kate Hudson will join Kurt Russell, John Malkovich and Mark Wahlberg in New Orleans for Deepwater Horizon. Hudson will play the wife of the oil rig engineer (Wahlberg). This will also be the first time Penny Lane and her step-father, Kurt Russell, will play side by side in a feature.

Hudson will be returning to the Bayou State. She previously filmed 2011’s A Little Bit of Heaven in New Orleans and the 2005 thriller The Skeleton Key across South Louisiana.

A Most Violent Year’s JC Chandor was set to direct the film but has since been replaced by mammoth budget specialist Pete Berg. Berg and Wahlberg will be reuniting as the two worked on Lone Survivor, the true story of Marcus Luttrell.

The BP oil spill drama is written by Matthew Carnahan and is based on the New York Times article “Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hour,” written by David Barstow. The story chronicles the men who were caught in the intense flames that engulfed the oil rig killing eleven and injuring sixteen more. The courage these men displayed will be captured on film and will shed some light on one of the biggest man-made disasters in history.

Production is underway in New Orleans and the film is expected to be released in September 2016. If you’re interested in working on the film visit jobScene for more info.

Source: Deadline