LFEA Teases New #KeepUsRollin Campaign Event

by Michelle Preau on August 19, 2014

bucks-headerMark September 16 on your calendar. The Louisiana Film & Entertainment (LFEA) sent out a save-the-date email yesterday to stakeholders in the film industry, promising a special announcement. While details are sparse for now, a few clues can be gleaned from the email. Under the new blue LFEA logo is the familiar hashtag #KeepUsRollin, which was widely adopted by supporters of the Louisiana entertainment industry during the 2013 fiscal session of the Louisiana Legislature. The inclusion of the hashtag suggests the announcement will be somehow related to a campaign for the 2015 fiscal session.

The header image prominently displays a new logo that says “Here’s My $2.” And the email introduces the new web address, heresmytwobucks.comalthough right now clicking on it just redirects to the LFEA website.

LFEA, which represents many of the major stakeholders in the Louisiana film industry, has set up a signup form for those interested in hearing the announcement on September 16: