NOLA Fashion Week Founder Andi Eaton to Publish New Book ‘New Orleans Style’

by Susan Ross on August 25, 2014

EL3A2424-2-headerNOLA Fashion Week founder and Scene contributor Andi Eaton has just finished a new book. Entitled New Orleans Style, the fashion tome from the New Orleans-based fashion writer and designer will hit bookstores this October.

“The book focuses on both historic style – jazz-era legends, Carnival couture and traditional southern dressing, for example – all the way through contemporary styles and the variations in fashions seen in the neighborhoods today,” says Eaton. “There’s a section devoted to the retailers that set an early precedent in establishing New Orleans as a fashion destination. And there’s also interviews with current designers and retailers contributing to the fashion community today.”

So why did Eaton head to Spain to write the book? “I took the time in June and July in Spain to be in a quiet setting in which I could focus all of my attention on refining the manuscript to prepare for the October release date,” says Eaton. “The process of researching fashions over the last three hundred years, photographing contemporary street-style fashions, interviewing current and up-and-coming style stars in the city, and building the aesthetic and initials drafts of the book, all took place while I was home in New Orleans.”

The Crescent City, which is anything but boring, can be both an inspiration and a hindrance to create. “I find when I’m home in New Orleans, there’s never a dull moment,” say Eaton. “So taking the time to be quiet and focused helped me tremendously in completing the book.”

Here’s the book’s cover and logline:

Screen shot 2014-08-18 at 7.57.34 AM“After more than 300 years New Orleans’ style is not just sartorial but also venerable. A melting pot of cultures gives rise to diverse fashion—influences of French sophistication, Spanish exuberance and deep Creole roots. Classic trends like jazz style, the ebullient irreverence of Mardi Gras’ festive fashion and seersucker’s cool lines are quintessentially New Orleans. The local aesthetic established by the keen eyes at Maison Blanche and D.H. Holmes, master haberdashers at Rubesteins, milliners like Yvonne LaFleur and perfumers Hové Parfumeur and Bourbon French Parfums formed a foundation upon which its rising stars reinvigorate and build a new fashion capital. Join author and designer Andi Eaton and discover the Big Easy’s stylish legacy and a new side of New Orleans.”

New Orleans Style is scheduled for a mid-October release and will be available at regional independent bookstores and boutiques, Barnes and Nobles, Amazon and via The History Press online. Find more from Andi Eaton at

photos by Natalie Mancuso