NOVAC Offers Production Assistant Boot Camp & Assistant Director Intensive

by Arthur Vandelay on August 5, 2014

BROVAC-PA-Bootcamp-AD-INTENSIVE-SliderThe New Orleans Video Access Center, better known as NOVAC, will be offering two entry-level training courses this August in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The first is a PA Bootcamp that will prepare newbies for their first day on set. Participants will get an intro to production paperwork (“Have they signed the G?!”), film set terminology (“Sue’s going 10-2!”) and hands-on short radio training AKA how to do the talkie part on a walkie-talkie. They’ll also learn about crew departments and how to find work in the industry. PS: you can find work by making friends and applying to the films listed on jobScene. The PA Bootcamp will take place from August 16-17 and is free to Baton Rouge residents.

The second unit is an Intro to ADing – that is, an intro to the Assistant Director department. The AD Department is the backbone of a film set, making the film’s schedule and acting like a metronome for set operations. The ADs are the hub of set communication and essential to making a film on time and on budget. The AD course will be held from August 19-21 and is free to Baton Rouge residents.

Both courses will be held at the Celtic Media Centre in Baton Rouge. Unfortunately, the application deadline has already passed, but you can check NOVAC’s official website at