NOVAC PRESENTS: Intro to Grip & Electric

by Michelle Preau on September 29, 2014

Screen-Shot-2014-09-29-at-8.38.28-AM-webNOVAC: Baton Rouge will be hosting a workshop that teaches how you can become a member of the grip/electric departments on a production. “Introduction to Grip & Electric” is a two day workshop that will include hands on equipment use and practical set-ups. The class will be taught by industry veterans and members of Local 478.

NOVAC’s Workforce Training program has delivered high-quality technical training in industry skills since 2007. The first “Intro to Grip & Electric” session was held in February 2013. Their training is designed for Louisiana residents looking for immediate employment and long-term careers in the local film industry. Those who graduate the training will receive job placement support following the program.

This is a FREE class but those interesting in attending must apply at and click ‘Baton Rouge’ to download an application. “Intro to Grip & Electric” will be held October 11-12 at the Celtic Media Centre in Baton Rouge.

  • Jacques landry jr

    Would love this opportunity the sky is the limit thanks

  • Chris Robert

    Hello Friends,
    I’m Chris Robert 56-years old from Paradis LA, that’s 20-minutes from New Orleans and 45-minutes from Baton Rouge.. I was a Scaffold Supervisor for 15 +-years.
    I am out of the construction business now, unless I’m working for a company and something is needed..
    I did a extra roles and did a little stage work years ago, and still trying to get small roles.
    But I know this is a tough industry to get into, so last week I seen this cinema-camera that is used for tv and movies, now I seen this email about this training program for Introduction to Grip & Electric..

    Please give me your opinion if you thank I’m spinning my wheels on to many positions, or I should stick to one and move on from there..
    Any useful information sent to me will be really appreciated..

    Thanks Chris 985-722-0362

  • Tiffany sharp

    I would love to be a part of this but it said you have to be from Baton Rouge and I live in Bush