‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 3 Recap

by Meghan McGee on August 11, 2015

oitnb3Season two of Orange Is the New Black ended with a critical character lying on the side of the highway like road kill and another character driving happily towards her death. But season three begins with Red rising from the dead and returning to Litchfield after being in the hospital. With Mother’s Day opening season three, viewers start to experience a reoccurring theme: motherhood. Every major inmate’s backstory is dissected, explaining their relationships with their mothers and how they were raised.

When Alex returns to Litchfield after violating her parole, she is beat up, tired, and paranoid that her drug lord is out to kill her. She has a panic attack about being back in prison and completely breaks down in front of Piper, who enjoys having power over Alex, even if it means being manipulative. Viewers might recognize a power shift between the two women: Piper becomes more dominant as Alex becomes more afraid of her surroundings. In this season, the theme of power is prominent.

Viewers will see Crazy Eyes still brainwashed by Vee, her prison mother, a scenario of power and motherhood. In season three, the women of Litchfield hugely accept Crazy Eyes, which is something that viewers did a long time ago. She becomes popular, unable to figure out how to handle it, and even attracts a new crush in the process. Even though her story isn’t explored in depth, viewers still get their Crazy Eyes fix.

Red fixes something from her past and gets back into the kitchen, only to find out she has to cook food that isn’t her own. We see bed bugs infect the entire prison and the burning of some of the library’s books. Viewers also see strange business partnerships between inmates and even officers, conducting business with the outside world, taking the idea of a for-profit prison to the max.

You’ll enjoy an entirely new world of character history that feels enormous compared to the small compound in which the women are confined. Most of the stories are heartbreaking, sober, but ultimately enlightening. We see Nicky unable to stay away from her drug-stained past, Pennsatucky realize the horrible things that have happened to her and how to cope with them, Daya and her mother try to reconnect as the baby is fast approaching, and Morello has her dreams come true.

And, you get to watch Piper become a hardcore prison panty mobster who “trusts no bitch.” Season three of Orange is the New Black is now streaming in its entirety on Netflix.