PHOTOS: ‘Fantastic Four’

by Jordan McGuire on January 28, 2015


With the incredible buzz lingering from Guardians of the Galaxy and the new hype regarding Ant-Man it seems that Fantastic Four will fit the mold of the next big summer movie. The Fantastic Four trailer shows glimpses of Interstellar-like cornfield settings and has similarities to the Godzilla trailer. Fox has done their job of creating a dark environment the Four will inhabit.


The superhero team will reform their origins and powers will collide. The voiceover within the trailer is similar to Michael Douglas’ in the trailer for Ant-Man. The lulling sounds of Reg E. Cathey’s voice oddly brings intensity immediately and we must “be ready for what’s coming.”

Fantastic-Four-Michael-B-Jordan-and-Simon-Kinberg-700x465The youthful director Josh Trank will reunite with his Chronicle star Michael B. Jordan who will play The Human Torch. The up-and-coming Miles Teller will play Mr. Fantastic. House of Cards alum Kate Mara will play The Invisible Woman and Jamie Bell will play Thing. Toby Kebbell, the voice of Koba in New Orleans-shot Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, will play the vilainous Victor Domashev.


Thanks to /Film and illustrations by Nerdist Industries, we see the costumes for Mr. Fantastic, The Human Torch and Thing. The costumes have maximum protection and create a uniformity amongst the team of four. Even Thing sports some short shorts that bear the colors and style of Stan Lee’s first ever team of superheroes.

The film is set to be released August 7. Here are some photos of when Fantastic Four wrapped in Baton Rouge.

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