Radha Mitchell added to cast of ‘Olympus Has Fallen’

by Morgan Charlesworth on July 9, 2012

Radha Mitchell has been added to the cast of Olympus Has Fallen alongside Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Angela Bassett. Mitchell will be playing the role of “Leah,” the wife of Butler who is a White House Secret Service agent.

The film follows the President (Eckhart) and key members of the White House administration who are taken hostage while Butler’s character tries to thwart the terrorist plot. The thriller, directed by¬†Antoine Fuqua, will begin shooting next week in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The Australian born Mitchell will also star in an ABC drama series titled Red Widow. Mitchell is featured as a woman who is sucked back into the past of her criminal family. The television series will begin shooting in Vancouver this August.

Source: Deadline