RZA Joins Sam Rockwell & Anna Kendrick on ‘Mr. Right’

by Arthur Vandelay on October 7, 2014

RZA Mr. RightThe Man With The Iron Fists star RZA will soon be joining Sam Rockwell and Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick in New Orleans for Mr. Right, a genre-bending new action/comedy/romance from director Paco Cabezas. RZA will play Shotgun Steve, muscle for a gangster who specializes in sharpshooting.

Mr. Right stars Kendrick as a woman who’s long-suffering hunt for love is over when she meets the perfect guy. Only to later find out he’s a hitman. The film is written by Max Landis, who also wrote the script for Fantastic Four director Josh Trank’s excellent film Chronicle.

The film is expected to begin principle photography in New Orleans on October 30. You can find an email address to submit your resume on jobScene at jobs.sceneent.com.

RZA has done Grammy-winning work as a rapper and producer with the Wu-Tang clan. He was also nominated for a BAFTA for his work on the Kill Bill score. He also contributed to the soundtrack of the New Orleans shot film Django Unchained, writing and producing the track, “Ode to Django.” It’s embedded below if you want a refresher.