SCENE SPOILERS: “Have I lost you forever?”

by Danielle Tabary on October 1, 2010

Scene Spoilers are for the faithful: fans who watch shows every week religiously. If you TiVo your shows and wait three weeks to watch, don’t continue. If you wait until the end of the season to mass-consume series on DVD, these spoilers may not be for you. Don’t proceed if you don’t have what it takes.


The Vampire Diaries – Season 2, Episode 3

This week we finally got to see Mason’s transformation into a werewolf! So here’s the gist…the Lockwood men are true werewolves (not shape shifters), so they are purely controlled by a full moon. As centuries passed, it seems the Lockwood’s figured out a way to keep their family and themselves safe by creating a creepy underground dungeon that can contain them when in wolf form. Evidentially Mason is more than accustomed to this room as he unloads his giant bag full of harnesses, wrist and ankle chains, and heavy duty chains. The full moon is out and he’s struggling to finish up his task, and THEN…Tyler decides to bring a girl to the dungeon to hook up. Of course. Very romantic, Tyler. I’m waiting to see Tyler and his ladyfriend walk in to see Mason looking like a guy into some kinky stuff, but alas…he’s gone. I was kind of disappointed that I missed that potentially awkward situation, but Tyler getting shut down by the girl definitely made up for it.

Meanwhile, Elena, Damon and Alaric (yay! he’s back) are on a little field trip to her biological/vampire mom’s old office to find more research about the Lockwoods. The tension between Elena and Damon is almost unbearable. Trying resolve things, Damon tries to tell Elena that he knew Jeremy was wearing the ring when he tried to kill him, but Elena isn’t buying it. Thank god Alaric is there so at least there is some kind of buffer between the two.

The trio finally gets to Isobel’s office at Duke where we meet Isobel’s research assistant, Vanessa. She’s seems pretty helpful until she tries to kill Elena with a cross-bow. Thankfully, Damon took the arrow in the back for Elena, and Alaric explains to Vanessa that Elena isn’t actually Katherine and that she probably shouldn’t piss off Damon again since he’s a vampire. When things calm down the group digs into the research and Alaric finds the Native American legend explaining the werewolves’ meal of choice…vampires. “Well if werewolves were hunting vampires I’d know about it,” you probably would Damon, but not if there aren’t that many left.

With all of the research on Katherine in front of her, Elena decides to look into her to try and find out if there’s a reason why they look so scarily similar. As usual, Damon is trying to play the “poor, pitiful me” card to get Elena to start being friendly again, so what does he do? Manipulates her into being friend by telling her he knows her connection to Katherine and just won’t tell her. Brilliant.

High and mighty Elena lectures Damon on how “friends don’t manipulate friends,” so after sufficient sulking, Damon comes back to Elena with a peace offering: a book with Katherine’s European last name on it that only he would have noticed. In a rare but meaningful moment Damon is truly remorseful, really giving it an honest try to make things right with Elena. She hated him before and they became friends, so is it really over? “Have I lost you forever?” Damon asks. The answer comes later in the form of a big fat “NO” after he finally admits that he really didn’t know Jeremy was wearing the ring.

Ok Elena: I totally understand that he tried to kill your brother, but he has seriously been doing everything he can to make it right. After lecturing him on not manipulating people, it seems that’s exactly what she had been doing all day to him so that he could help her find information about Katherine. Elena…I’m with Damon on this one, it seems you’re more like Katherine than we all thought.

It seems the information about Katherine distracted Elena a bit since she didn’t get to Stefan until it was already night. Word to the wise Elena, if you want to keep Stefan and Caroline safe you should probably tell them that a werewolf bite can kill a vampire before you realize it’s a full moon.

Stefan realizes that Caroline is becoming increasingly distanced from her humanity by not being able to spend time with Matt and her other friends during the day. So with a lot of convincing and reassuring, Stefan convinces Bonnie to cast and spell on a ring so that she’ll be able to find her way back to who she was. First task though is teaching her how to hunt for animals instead of people. Caroline isn’t wild about killing “bunnies” but Stefan seems to be a good mentor.

Stefan also clues Caroline in on the new personality traits she’ll be dealing with, because as a vampire every trait you had before is now amplified. “So you’re saying that now I’m an insecure, neurotic control freak…on crack,” asks Caroline. Knowing this, she still slips up when she sees a girl flirting with Matt and compels her to go and find someone who’s actually single…aka Tyler’s attempted hookup.

After finding out vampires can die from a werewolf bite and realizing he’s lost sight of Caroline (who is alone with Matt in the woods…not the smartest idea), Stefan tries to find her and the werewolf before one or both of them end up dead. In a scene resembling a horror movie where you’re yelling at the character on the screen, praying they’ll hear you…Stefan finds Mason’s truck and ventures towards it not knowing that werewolf Mason is currently inside. The wolf jumps through the glass window and disappears into the woods. Time to look a little harder for Caroline, Stefan!

Stefan and the wolf coincidently discover Caroline at the same time, to find her feeding on Matt! The wolf goes straight for Caroline and as she’s getting drooled on and potentially devoured, Tyler shows up and orders Mason to leave them alone. Tyler has no doubt that the wolf was Mason and waits by his truck until he’s joined by naked, muddy Mason in human form.

And finally…Katherine’s back! In the final scene of the episode we see her lurking over someone’s bed and who is it? Caroline! “Don’t be frightened,” Katherine says,”We’re going to have so much fun together.” I have no idea what she has in store for Caroline but after breaking up with Matt to keep him safe from her, I think Caroline might be vulnerable enough for Katherine’s infamous manipulation tactics.