SCENE SPOILERS: “He’s your worst nightmare”

by Danielle Tabary on November 18, 2010

Scene Spoilers are for the faithful: fans who watch shows every week religiously. If you TiVo your shows and wait three weeks to watch, don’t continue. If you wait until the end of the season to mass-consume series on DVD, these spoilers may not be for you. Don’t proceed if you don’t have what it takes.


The Vampire Diaries – Season 2, Episode 8

After last week’s gut-wrenching episode, the show opens to Elena being transported to the real kidnapper, Trevor, who turns his delivery boy into a quick snack before driving off with Elena. He brings her to this old plantation home where we meet his accomplice, Rose, who has to stop her vamp friend from taking a taste of Elena. Understandably a bit freaked out, Elena is shooting off questions left and right until Rose has enough and hits her so hard it knocks her out. Ouch! When Elena comes to, she hears her captors talking about a man named Elijah. I guess being extremely annoying paid off because Rose finally decides to fill Elena in on what the hell is going on. So here’s the run down: Rose and Trevor have been in hiding for the past 500 years because Trevor pissed off the Originals (founding vampires) by helping Katherine escape from them. The key to breaking the curse of the sun and the moon is the Petrova doppleganger, aka Elena. To make matters worse they don’t just need the doppleganger, they must sacrifice her and take her blood! Considering Katherine is now a vampire, we can only assume that she can’t be used to break the curse anymore, so the two vampires plan on trading Elena to the Originals in exchange for their pardon. Elijah, who Rose considers “your worst nightmare,” is the Original who is coming to get her. I can’t tell if Elena is just in shock, but she’s a little too calm for someone who’s blood is about to be drained from them.

Meanwhile, Jeremy realizes Elena didn’t sleep at home last night and tries to warn Stefan that he and Elena should probably keep the sleepovers to a minimum before their aunt finds out…only problem is Elena and Stefan are still taking a break, Jeremy! Stefan finds Bonnie to see if she can work her witchy magic to find where Elena is because at this point they have no clue who even took her. As they pulled out a map, I thought she was going to do the cliche crystal trick to find the location, but instead she used blood that slid across the map and landed on this little town outside of Mystic Falls. Stefan puts on his game face and is ready to be Elena’s knight in shining armor until Damon steps in and wants to join. Confused, Stefan questions if he’s really coming to which Damon replies, “It’s Elena.” Aww it seems Damon is trying to be her knight as well!

Stefan and Damon head out on their road trip and Stefan tries to pry information out of Damon about whether he’s just in this to help his brother or is it that he loves her too. Of course, Damon plays the brooding mean guy and blows off the question. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Jeremy are going stir-crazy waiting around to see what’s going to happen. Trying to help in the only way she knows how, Bonnie uses her magic to send a message to Elena. Just as the note she was whispering over turns into ash, she collapses! Bonnie has had nose bleeds after doing big magic before but it looks like it’s really taking a toll on her now.

On a side note, Caroline has been specifically warned by Damon not to talk or be friends with Tyler now that he’s officially a werewolf now. Caroline tries to make Tyler think he’s crazy because he remembers her saying that she knows what he is now, which only seems to piss Tyler off even more. Caroline learns the hard way that she shouldn’t mess with the roid-raged pup, because he corners her in her house until she’s forced to pull out her fangs. Good job Caroline! Damon’s going to love hearing about this! After a slight freak out moment on Tyler’s part, he and Caroline have a heart to heart and she’s decided to help him through his early stages of being supernaturally strange like her. Thankfully, she wasn’t stupid enough to tell Tyler that Damon and Stefan are vampires as well.

Luckily, Bonnie’s trick worked and just as Elena receives the glimmer of hope that she’ll be saved, there’s a knock at the door and her captors start to panic. Trevor knows how livid the Originals have been with him and is thinking about running again, but Rose assures him that the trade will work in their favor. Rose lets Elijah in and they begin to work out the arrangements. Elijah doesn’t believe Rose that another doppleganger exists but before she shows him, Rose asks again if they’ll be pardoned. “You have my word that I will pardon you,” replies Elijah…Rose, if you didn’t just catch the part where he only said YOU then something is wrong with you! Elijah realizes that Elena is the real deal and as Trevor is asking for forgiveness, Elijah grants him that and then karate chops his head off!!

Meanwhile, Stefan and Damon pull up to the house and talk logistics. Damon knows the vampires are a lot older which means they’re a lot stronger than they are, and they might not walk out of there alive. “I can’t think of a better reason to die,” says Stefan. Damon seems to agree and they head off to save Elena. They show up just as Elena is trying to negotiate with Elijah to keep her alive long enough to find the moonstone. Elena, all you have on is a necklace with vervain that he can just remove and compel you…come on, you might want to think a little outside the box! Elijah does just that and as he finds out it’s with Katherine inside the tomb, he hears sounds upstairs. After a game of Marco Polo, Stefan and Damon separate the girls from Elijah. Elena turns herself in to save them, and then throws a vervain grenade at Elijah! Stefan tackles him to the ground and Damon grabs a broken off hat rack and stakes him to the door.

Damon’s face lights up as he sees Elena running down the stairs to thank him but instead she runs into Stefan’s arms. Damon, I want to cry for you right now! Elena mouths thank you to him as Stefan comforts her. They make it back home and Bonnie and Jeremy give their hugs. Stefan knows that if they want to protect Elena this can’t turn into another Katherine love triangle where they end up hating each other, so Stefan apologizes for being selfish and dragging Damon into a life he never wanted.

As Elena is finally alone in her room, she turns around to see Damon. I’m sure she thinks this might be another unpleasant encounter like the last one where Damon broke her brother’s neck, but he comes in peace bearing a gift. He found her vervain necklace and wanted to bring it back to her and one other thing. Prepare yourself people because my heart just about broke after this scene… “I love you, Elena, and it’s because I love you, I can’t be selfish with you,” says Damon, “I don’t deserve you, but my brother does.” And with that he kisses her on the forehead, and as he forces himself to compel her to forget everything he’s just said, a tear slowing runs down his face. As Elena comes to, she’s alone in her room with her necklace back around her neck.

In the last scene, we see Elijah’s dead body still pinned up against the door, until he lifts up his head and pulls the stake from out of his chest!! If a stake through the heart doesn’t kill really old vampires, then I don’t know what does!!