by Danielle Tabary on October 19, 2010

Scene Spoilers are for the faithful: fans who watch shows every week religiously. If you TiVo your shows and wait three weeks to watch, don’t continue. If you wait until the end of the season to mass-consume series on DVD, these spoilers may not be for you. Don’t proceed if you don’t have what it takes.


The Vampire Diaries – Season 2, Episode 5

If Caroline and her mother’s relationship wasn’t strained enough, I’m pretty sure things got a heck of a lot worse this week. And if being a single mother and the sheriff of Mystic Falls wasn’t tough already, Liz has also been occupied with the town’s vampire infestation for most of Caroline’s life. So it’s not too hard to see why Caroline feels so abandoned, due to the fact that she has no idea the council even exists…yet. The Mystic Fall Historical Society volunteer day presents a chance for the two to bond, especially since Liz can tell something‘s up with Caroline.

After Damon’s little stunt with Mason, it’s pretty clear Stefan has to jump in as usual and make peace but Mason’s not interested. “There’s one of you and there’s two of us. I think you’re the one who needs to watch his back,” threatens Stefan. Receiving the hint loud and clear, Mason agrees to yet another truce but makes no promises to what will happen if Damon comes at him again.  Mistrusting as usual, Damon knows the wolf can’t be trusted and plans on keeping an eye on him. And for once Damon it seems you’re right! Mason seems to have taken it upon himself to rat out the Salvatore brothers to Sheriff Liz. Of course she doesn’t believe him at first, but who would want to admit to being completely fooled by the people you’re actually trying to hunt in the first place. “What if I can prove it to you?” asks Mason, and prove it he does. Unknowing to Damon, Mason has slipped vervain into the lemonade, and watching Damon choke to death on it gives Liz all the proof she needs.  Uh oh Damon…looks like someone else likes to fight dirty too.

The Salvatore brothers are finally on the same page that something has to been done with Mason, and just as show down is about to begin, shots are fired and Stefan and Damon are down before it even starts. After shooting them up with vervain, you know just in case they’re still strong enough to rip their heads off, the sheriff and the other two cops follow Mason to his wolf dungeon to finish the boys off. Liz kicks Mason out and proceeds to torture her former friend, Damon, for answers, and just as she gives the order to kill them both, a wind sweeps through that takes out both officers. Liz stares at the creature emerging from the shadows to see her daughter’s face dripping with blood… “Hey mom,” says Caroline.

Instead of killing her like Damon wants to, the group makes a plan to hold Liz in their own little dungeon until the vervain is out of her system so that Damon will be able to compel her to forget everything she knows about the Salvatore brothers and her daughter. You’d think Liz might be a little less freaked out about Caroline considering she was a huge reason why Liz isn’t dead at the moment, but no, she decides to be an even worse mom and refuse to see her because she doesn’t believe Caroline is her daughter anymore. “You couldn’t be more wrong about that,” argues Damon.

This second near death experience seems to be a wakeup call for Stefan. As much as his choice to go the “vegetarian” route is honorable, it also isn’t helping him out. Not only was he not strong enough to recover more quickly after the incident earlier in the day, but he definitely won’t be strong enough to face Katherine if she goes after Elena. I’m sure we all remember the last time Stefan tried going adding a little human in his diet, so it’s no wonder Elena is beyond opposed to the idea. In the end she agrees to the small amount of doses but instead of letting him go at it alone, he’ll be taking a little bit of Elena’s blood every day. I’m not sure if letting your boyfriend drink your blood is too great of an idea Elena, but I guess we’ll see how this turns out.

Meanwhile, Jeremy has taken it upon himself to find out whether the Lockwood curse has been passed down to Tyler yet. With their shared misfortune of losing a father it finally seems that these two are might actually become friends. That is, until Tyler freaks out after seeing Jeremy’s sketch book overflowing with drawings of scary werewolves, and throws Jeremy against the wall to get some answers (Ps…People sure do like throwing their enemies against walls in this show). Remembering how the curse is triggered, Tyler decides to let go of Jeremy’s throat before he actually kills him…and in case you are wondering, I’m pretty sure the ring wouldn’t have helped out Jeremy in this case since being strangled isn’t exactly death-by-supernatural cause. Anyway, now that Jeremy knows his secret, Tyler tells him about the curse and even shows him the moon stone that Mason’s been after. Things seem to settle down until the drunk girl that has a crush on Jeremy decides to take it from them and act like a two-year-old when they try to get it back. As Tyler struggles to get it out of her hands, the girl slips and falls down the stairs…O snap Tyler, this could be it. But no, the girl is just faking that she is unconscious…close call Tyler. It seems it was way too close of a call for Tyler too because it’s enough to for him to finally give the moon stone to Mason, because for a split second he actually wished that the girl was dead.

And finally it seems there’s someone else who thinks Katherine has come back them. Mason sneaks into the woods to meet up with her and just as he leans in to kiss her like a love sick puppy, Katherine scolds him for his little stunt today involving her two other lover boys. Poor Mason has no idea he’s been manipulated, because it turns out that all that searching for the moon stone was actually so that he could give it to Katherine! So the plot thickens, and because Mason has been so sketchy about what this stupid rock does we have no idea what she wants with it! Come on Katherine, what do you want??