SCENE SPOILERS: “Katherine won”

by Danielle Tabary on November 6, 2010

Scene Spoilers are for the faithful: fans who watch shows every week religiously. If you TiVo your shows and wait three weeks to watch, don’t continue. If you wait until the end of the season to mass-consume series on DVD, these spoilers may not be for you. Don’t proceed if you don’t have what it takes.


The Vampire Diaries – Season 2, Episode 6

A giant black cloud sat over Mystic Falls this week. We lost one character, almost lost another and worst of all we lost our favorite couple. It seems that Stefan and Elena’s plan to trick Katherine into thinking they weren’t together back fired (didn’t see that coming…not).  Apparently Katherine had been compelling Elena’s aunt, Jenna, to feed her information about the couple, and after their little rendezvous that morning, Katherine had all the proof she needed to go into attack mode. Katherine had warned Stefan that if they didn’t stop seeing each other she would go after everyone Elena cared about, and it seems she followed through on her promise, compelling Jenna over the phone to stab herself. Impressive Katherine, I thought you had to do that in person but I guess not.

But before we get to the demise of Stefan and Elena, let’s rewind. Bonnie and Elena’s friendship has been strained ever since Bonnie took a stand against vampires and even more when Caroline turned. After their little heart to heart, I think Bonnie reluctantly realized that if she wanted to keep Elena in her life then she was going to have to compromise. Her vision of Mason and Katherine gave Stefan and Damon their first opportunity to have the upper hand on Katherine, so she decides to help them out to keep Elena safe. Using her literally mind blowing powers, she forces Mason to his knees in time for Damon to knock him out. After they tie him up, Bonnie reads his mind and finds out that the moon stone that Mason is planning on giving Katherine is in a well. Thanks to that well we find out how much Mason trusted Katherine considering the whole thing was filled with vervain, which unfortunately Stefan finds out as he jumps in. After the girls pull him out, Stefan looks like his skin is about to fall off, but thanks to his super healing powers he’s back to his hot-looking self in the next scene.

Meanwhile, Damon is attempting to torture Mason into giving up Katherine’s plan. Hey Damon, this pathetic man who’s fallen for Katherine looks kind of familiar huh? Poor Mason actually believes that Katherine loves him back and that her plan is to use the moon stone to break his curse so they can live happily ever after…aww that’s sweet. Damon knows Katherine is just going to rip Mason’s heart out just like she did to him, so in true Damon fashion, he does it for her…literally. But of course, our lovably ruthless Damon can’t leave well enough alone and calls up Katherine to rub it in. Not only did you just piss her off but now even more people are going to die to fulfill her plan. First on her list was convincing Jenna “the world would be a better place without her” (that’s harsh) and then we find her in Matt’s room! Not that we weren’t already aware that Katherine was just using Mason, it seems she wasn’t just using him to find the moon stone, she actually needs a werewolf…Plan B seems to be triggering Tyler’s werewolf curse. If tricking someone to kill a person in general isn’t morbid enough, let’s make him kill his best friend, Katherine.

After dealing with things at the hospital, Elena finds Stefan crying in front of the fire place, knowing what’s coming. There’s no need for explanation, they know if they stay together someone else is bound to get hurt or even die. With that, they say a tearful goodbye and with a final kiss she leaves. Damon, honestly remorseful, tries to apologize, but there’s no use. “Katherine won,” Elena says.