SCENE SPOILERS: “Now you’ve made an enemy”

by Danielle Tabary on October 11, 2010

Scene Spoilers are for the faithful: fans who watch shows every week religiously. If you TiVo your shows and wait three weeks to watch, don’t continue. If you wait until the end of the season to mass-consume series on DVD, these spoilers may not be for you. Don’t proceed if you don’t have what it takes.


The Vampire Diaries – Season 2, Episode 4

Since she’s been back, Katherine has stuck with the same answer as to why she’s returned to Mystic Falls. Stefan. Even though we know Katherine is a liar, I’m actually starting to believe that her love for Stefan is legitimate. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t want this pair to be together, but one tip Katherine…everyone knows if you try to break people up, it usually pushes them together.

With that said, in the beginning of the episode we see how easy it is for Katherine to get into Stefan’s dreams to create insecurities about Damon and Elena. As much as Stefan tries to deny there are no feelings there, Katherine’s got a pretty good point. Let’s look at the obvious points, Stefan:

#1 – You’ve been holding on to that old picture of Katherine for how long now? Even after Elena found it and freaked out…why didn’t you burn it? And the most apparent of all clues…

#2 – You went after Elena in the first place because SHE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE KATHERINE! I know Elena is a lot different than Katherine (for instance, her heart is still beating) but there is still an underlying connection between the two of them that I’m dying to know. According to Katherine, Elena is asking all the wrong questions when it comes to finding out what the connection is.

Just as we think Katherine is finally winning the argument and we see Stefan close in to kiss her, he stabs her with a giant needle full of vervain! Stefan goes into bad cop role and after chaining her up in the little dungeon room downstairs, precedes to interrogate Katherine in hopes of finding out the real reason she’s here. If Katherine does have any other motives, she isn’t giving them up and continues to swear that she is only back for Stefan. We’ve always been given a very different account of what the Salvatore brothers’ relationship was with Katherine. It always seemed that Damon and Katherine were always the couple that would survive the love triangle, but according to Katherine’s flashbacks we get a very different story. Contrary to what Stefan believed, it turns out that she never compelled his love for her; and even more surprising, she actually fell in love with him herself.

Knowing how over protective Stefan is of her, Elena finds the lack of communication a bit weird and starts getting worried. Caroline convinces her everything is fine and that they should stay at the BBQ Elena’s sister is having to welcome Mason Lockwood back to town. The fact that no one wants Damon there doesn’t stop him from crashing the party to find out more about Mason, and test out the silver theory on the guest of honor. After a few really bad wolf puns and failed attempt at drawing “Dances with Wolves” during a game of Pictionary, Mason catches on and tells him that he really isn’t looking to make enemies and tries to call a truce. Things seem settled after their handshake, but Damon being Damon, of course he can’t leave well enough alone and sneaks a knife into his jacket as Mason leaves the room. Later that night Damon’s idiotic plan doesn’t exactly play out according to his plan, because after stabbing Mason with the knife it turns out werewolves are NOT affected by silver! Good job Damon! Looks like you’ve made yet another enemy. Congrats! Another tid-bit we learn this week, thanks to Tyler’s nagging, is that the werewolf curse is only triggered if you kill someone. Happy now, Tyler?

Elena is still concerned about Stefan and decides to go see him, and after Caroline tries to stop her again, she accepts Caroline’s offer to drive her there. Just as Caroline is about to get in the car she pulls out the tire’s release valve…at this point it’s blatantly apparent that she’s stalling, and as Elena is starting to walk the rest of the way Caroline goes off on her like a jealous, overbearing friend pointing out all of the reasons why her and Stefan will never work out in the long run. Seriously Caroline, like she isn’t already aware that she’ll look like a major cougar in a few years.

After escaping Caroline’s death grip, Elena comes face to face with Katherine in a cliché freaky twin moment. Katherine had every opportunity to snap Elena neck but she didn’t. I guess she’s trying to win him back the old school way…manipulation of course. And if keeping Katherine under control was hard enough, turns out she’s been helping herself to small doses of vervain for the last 145 years, making her almost immune to it now. Also, it seems she’s got Caroline helping her with her dirty work in exchange for her life. “I already killed you once…I could easily do it again,” threatens Katherine.

Things don’t seem to be looking good for Elena and Stefan’s relationship, and in an argument loud enough for Damon and Caroline to hear, Elena storms off after Stefan admits that Katherine is starting to come between them. As Elena gets home and feels someone standing behind her, all I can think is that it’s Damon coming to comfort her but nope…it’s Stefan. The fight was just for show so that Caroline would go run and tell her master what she’s seen. Looks like Elena and Stefan want to play, Katherine…your move.