SCENE SPOILERS: “Who were you running from?”

by Danielle Tabary on November 11, 2010

Scene Spoilers are for the faithful: fans who watch shows every week religiously. If you TiVo your shows and wait three weeks to watch, don’t continue. If you wait until the end of the season to mass-consume series on DVD, these spoilers may not be for you. Don’t proceed if you don’t have what it takes.


The Vampire Diaries – Season 2, Episode 6

It’s a good thing I tend to watch TVD alone because the show literally had me yelling at the TV this week. With the impending doom that Katherine promised in her little Plan B, C, D speech last week, naturally, everyone seems a bit on edge at the start of the episode. Sipping her glass of blood with a shaky hand, Caroline tells Stefan and Damon about her little run-in with Katherine while she was trying to “quasi-stalk” Matt at The Grill. She had a message for the boys, “Tell Damon and Stefan that I want the moon stone, or I will rip this town apart until it rains blood.” Very subtle Katherine. Considering she demands that it be delivered in public at the Masquerade Ball, they believe she’s running scared without the help of her former guard dog, Mason. As Damon begins to get carried away with how he’s going to kill her at the ball, Stefan stops him: “You’re not going to kill her, because I am.”

In case you’re wondering, Jenna is okay and unfortunately still in the dark about vampires and all other things supernatural. I’m not sure how but it looks like she actually believes that she foolishly walked into a knife by accident. Jenna has always played the role of naive, cool aunt on the show but she’s becoming a bit irrelevant for me at the moment. I think they missed their opportunity to make her more involved by actually telling her the secret.

Even though Katherine has everyone believing she’s out of tricks, it looks like she’s got one more rabbit in her hat. She also has a witch friend, Lucy, though friend is kind of pushing it because it turns out to be more of a debt being payed off. Katherine won’t tell her friend what she wants with the stone but that her job is to have her back if something goes down at the ball. Team Kill Katherine gathers to make their own arrangements and by cleverly hanging Elena’s safety in front on her, they convinced Bonnie to help them. Everyone has their assignments so it’s off to the party.

First step, Bonnie and Jeremy set up the room they’ll use to trap Katherine (kind of like the tomb spell). The two seem to be getting a little more cozy with each other this week. You can tell Bonnie tries to fight it, because let’s face it, she’s looked at Jeremy like a little brother all these years, but by the end of the episode there’s definitely some sparks flying. I didn’t see this match up coming and there’s probably going to be an Elena tantrum on the way, but I’m kind of loving the two of them together…go Bonemy!

Step Two starts off a little shaky when Stefan refused to hand off the stone right away, and since they didn’t follow directions to deliver it in public, she snaps. Well, actually, she snaps a girl’s spine in the middle of the dance floor! Leaving Stefan to deal with the dead girl hanging in his arms, Katherine seeks out Caroline to squeeze information out of.  I pretty much wanted to strangle Caroline myself after she actually gives up the plan that they are trying to kill her, but just as she’s leading Katherine to wear Bonnie supposedly is, I see it’s the room that Bonnie cast a spell on earlier! Obviously Katherine was pretty pissed when she realized she was trapped, but she really got pissed when she saw Stefan and Damon waiting for her, wooden stake in hand. “You don’t really think you can kill me with that do you?” she asks Stefan. “No, but he can,” Stefan says as Damon pops out of the closet and shoots her in the back. Just as I begin to cheer, cue a huge scream from Elena and a giant circle of blood forming on her back. One big problem boys, everything you do to Katherine happens to Elena, thanks to Katherine’s witch friend. After another stab in the arm, Jeremy runs to stop them from killing her.

As the original love triangle hang around in the sealed off room, Stefan figures out that Katherine originally had the moonstone but passed it off to one of the Lockwoods in exchange for her freedom and the plan that everyone would think she was in the church that burned down with the other vampires. “Who were you running from?” Stefan asks Katherine. Of course she avoids the question and tries to use her flirting skills to change the subject, but Stefan can tell something’s up.

Meanwhile, Bonnie confronts Katherine’s witch, Lucy, and tries to get information out of her. Lucy senses she has the moonstone and they both sense the connection the two of them have, and it looks like she’s manipulated Bonnie into giving her the stone. Just as I’m about to yell at my TV yet another time as Lucy stands in front of Katherine about to give her the stone, as soon as the stone touches Katherine she collapses and begins to convulse. “You should have told me there was another witch involved,” said Lucy. It looks like she’s dying but Katherine can’t be that easy to kill. Lucy assures Stefan and Damon that Elena is fine, apologizes for her involvement and leaves.

Katherine wakes up to find herself in the tomb she originally should have been in. Oh, how I love poetic justice. She pleads with Damon to let her out and just as the door is closing she shouts out that Elena is in danger. Damon, like all of us, know she’s a pathological liar and doesn’t believe her, but that if she is he’ll be the one to protect her. With that he shuts Katherine out of his life for good it seems.

You’d think since Katherine is out of the picture now, Elena and Stefan can be together. Elena has other feelings though, and wants to be alone for a little while. Stefan swallows his pride and let’s her go…stupid move, buddy! Unfortunately Katherine was right about Elena, and just as she’s about to walk to her car a masked man comes from behind her and drags her away! WHAT THE HELL!!