Sean Bean Answers All Your Questions in the Best Actor AMA Ever

by Arthur Vandelay on August 5, 2014

Sean Bean Scene TodaySean Bean is a well-respected actor, appearing alongside James Bond in Goldeneye, playing Boromir in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and, of course, Ned Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

He has also become a big part of internet culture, featured in the “One Does Not Simply…” meme and countless video compilations of him dying in different movies and tv shows. On August 5, he did an AMA – that’s an “Ask Me Anything” on the website Reddit. Here’s the hilarious highlights:


How many times has a random stranger asked you to say “One does not simply … (insert line here)”?
Hahaha! They’ve not, I’ve seen people with t-shirts on, and I’ve said it myself. Wait, I guess they have. A few too many drinks, and one says “one does not simply this” or “one does not simply that.” It’s a line I say in Lord of the Rings, innit? One does not simply walk into Mordor. It’s a great line because you can apply anything to it. It’s immortalized.

Do you mind having fans approach you in public?
On their knees!!!!!

If I ever met you in a bar, what drink should I get you?
Probably a Guinness.

What is your favorite comfort food?
I’ve got quite a few, actually. I like chocolate. Yeah. I do like chocolate. And I guess it’s that and tomato soup. And tinned custard. With bananas. I love milk, as well. And milkshakes. Mmm. Mashed potatoes. Yeah. Meat & potato pie with gravy. Like a Cornish pasty. With Henderson’s relish,yes. That’s very important to me. It IS!

Do you ever get mixed up with the other Mr. Bean (aka Rowan Atkinson)?
I used to get his fan mail, actually! I think they had the wrong address. I have gotten a couple of letters meant for Mr. Bean aka Rowan Atkinson. These letters would say things like “You’re so funny, you make me laugh, with your big rubbery face” and I would say “you can’t mean me!” Whenever I call people up and they say “who’s calling” and I say “Mr. Bean” and you can hear people giggling on the other end of the phone… he’s got a lot to answer for, that Rowan Atkinson.


What was your favorite Lord of the Rings scene to film?
We did a good scene with me and Viggo, where we just sat together chatting about our past and where we grew up and where we came from, you know, discussing how much was at stake at that particular point in the film. I always remember that. I enjoyed working with Viggo very much, I enjoyed working with everyone, but Viggo and I got on very well together.


Why did you not teach Jon Snow anything?
HAHAHAHAH! Because he’s not mine! Little bastard!

What was a role you wish you had for longer?
I guess Ned Stark!

Would you rather apologize to Frodo or actually have that conversation with Jon Snow?
I did apologize to Frodo, didn’t I? Or I told somebody to tell him I was sorry. And f*** Jon Snow.

If you were going to war, would you rather take Robert Baratheon or Aragorn with you into battle?
Robert Baratheon. He’s from Yorkshire. That’s why. Why not Aragorn? If Robert got ahold of you, he’d crush you. You’d be careful not to get caught.

But not fat Robert, right?
HAHAHAHA! exactly.

Favorite moment while filming Game of Thrones?
There was a scene with Bran near the tree – that legendary kind of family tree of the Starks, near the pool of water, and I enjoyed that scene. I enjoyed the scenes with Lena as well. She’s great fun.

Would you rather fight 100 Tyrion-sized Mountains or 1 Mountain-sized Tyrion?
The big one. The mountain-sized Tyrion.


Did you keep/steal/buy any props from Goldeneye?

I got a watch, they gave me a watch at the end, an Omega watch, which needs repairing in case anybody out there… and it’s inscribed on the back “Issued to Sean Bean, 006” and I think it’s 1995. Yeah! And that’s right on the back.

Have you ever played Goldeneye for Nintendo 64? How does it feel being a character in not only a movie, but a video game that has become a cult classic?
Oh, it’s good, it’s great! Especially because it’s so popular, it’s like, quite unique really. It was such a big hit. But I think I’ve seen him. I think my head looks a bit square, innit? (Link here)


Do you have anecdotes about your time filming National Treasure?
There was one where I went back to Nic Cage’s house, and we’d had a few drinks, we were playing pool and he accidentally knocked over his prehistoric cave bear skull and smashed it. And he was really upset about it, and the next day went and buried it in a field.


The characters you play have a tendency to die on-screen. Out of curiosity, have you ever had any near-death experiences in real life?
I suppose the closest I came is a horses’ hoof landed on my head. And it did actually! When I was filming SHARPE. And I injured my neck, and I was pretty close, yeah. You can see it on film, yeah. It was a series called SHARPE, yeah. SHARPE’S JUSTICE, I think.

100 movie credits on IMDB, and you only died in around 25 of them.
That’s only a 25% deathrate then, innit? That’s alright!

Have you seen this reel of yourself dying over and over?

Yes, I saw it a few months ago. I guess Boromir kind of, was one of my favourites. And the least favourite? Any that were too quick!

Are you going to die at the end of this AMA?

Here’s the full AMA if you want to go through the comments, too. Many of which are well worth the read. Link.