Singer Sky Ferreira Joins ‘Elvis & Nixon’ in New Orleans

by Jordan McGuire on January 21, 2015


Sony’s Elvis & Nixon just gained another player to their already impressive cast. Singer-songwriter Sky Ferreira joins the likes of Kevin Spacey, Michael Shannon, Colin Hanks, Alex Pettyfer and one of my first ever role models, Johnny Knoxville. With the new cast in full force, shooting will begin in January.

Boardwalk Empire star Michael Shannon will play Elvis as the ruthless House of Cards star Kevin Spacey will don his best Richard Nixon. Spacey should be quite familiar with the role of a cunning politico after his cold portrayal of Francis Underwood.

The film is based off the true tale involving the coming together of Elvis and Nixon on December 21, 1970. The meeting occurs while both men are at the height of their power and national recognition. Colin Hanks will play Nixon’s aide Egil Krough. Johnny Knoxville will be a member of the Memphis Mafia and head of security for Presley. Alex Pettyfer will play Presley’s best friend Jerry Schilling. Sky Ferreira will make her screen debut as Schilling’s love interest.

The film Elvis & Nixon has begun shooting in Atlanta and will travel to New Orleans in due time.