99 Homes

Here’s a poster for 99 Homes. The indie drama, which stars Michael Shannon, Andrew Garfield and Laura Dern, is slated for a September 25 theatrical release.



TRAILER: New Orleans-Shot ’99 Homes’

by Jordan McGuire on June 4, 2015

99 Homes is filled with struggle, betrayal, questionable redemption, questionable unlawful behavior and extraordinary performances. The New Orleans-shot thriller stars Andrew Garfield, Michael Shannon and Laura Dern. Dern simply seems to give a performance of a lifetime over and over and this film is no different. Directed by Ramin Bahrani, 99 Homes shows the intense world of shady eviction notices and intense and ruthless “winners.” This film hit the festival screens of Venice, Telluride and Toronto and was highly praised for its emotional rollercoaster ride.

Andrew Garfield plays a single father trying to provide for his mother and his only son. Their collective life is put on hold when Michael Shannon approaches with the sheriff’s department to repossess their home. Nothing about the initial exchange seems legitimate. Shannon rules with an iron fist as he repossess countless homes without batting an eye. Garfield, longing for cash to feed his family, sets out to work for the man who took everything.

99 Homes is built for award nominations with supporting performances from Dern and Shannon. Shannon strikes fear into the surrounding characters, audience members and doesn’t hide his callous actions for anyone. Immediately following the Sundance screening, Bahrani went to their distributor, Broad Green, and increased Laura Dern’s role and let her scenes play a more pivotal piece in the final product.

99 Homes will hit the big screen September 25. In an interview with Pete Hammond from Deadline, Ramin Bahrani has this to say about his project: “This trailer is going to be the first time most audiences have ever heard of this film. For them it is brand new, and I am pretty stoked about it.” Well, Mr. Bahrani, we’re pretty stoked too.

Source: Deadline


Director Ramin Bahrani’s film 99 Homes premiered at the Venice Film Festival. Set in Orlando in 2010, the film follows a single father (Andrew Garfield) who is an unemployed construction worker with Michael Shannon as the broker who evicts Garfield’s family from their home. In hopes of getting his home back, Garfield begins working for the greedy real estate broker ultimately sending him to the dark side.

The film is a response to the corrupt system in Florida. Bahrani said he was ‘made dizzy by the corruption’ in Florida’s foreclosure system and filming in Orlando was a deliberate choice because of  “the juxtaposition of Disney and the harsh realities happening around it.”

Bahrani dedicated the film to the late Roger Ebert whom he was very close with. “People sitting in this room have to continue the fight he was pushing for all the time,” said Bahrani, “in America and internationally, for good cinema- cinema that is more than a selfie.”

Source: Deadline