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Lucy Lawless and Stuart Townsend will join the Shreveport-shot Salem cast for season two. Both actors will have recurring roles. Lawless will play Countess Marburg and Townsend will play Samuel Wainright. Salem is set in the 17th century during the notorious witch trials where executions were part of the town’s narrative.

Parks And Recreation alum Lawless will switch gears from playing Ron Swanson’s wife to become Countess Marburg, a woman with the long bloodline of German witches. Townsend, who famously took the role of Lestat in Anne Rice’s Queen of the Damned, will play an English aristocrat, Samuel Wainright.

The first season starring Shane West and Janet Montgomery gained a strong following. Salem brings the witch trials to life and doesn’t stop until an execution is made.

Make sure to binge watch season one on Netflix and check out Salem’s season 2 trailer here. Also, read Scene’s exclusive interview with Baton Rouge native and Salem star Shane West here.



Anne Rice Pic “Christ The Lord” Set for Easter 2016

by Arthur Vandelay on July 25, 2014

ChristTheLordOutOfEgypt webNative New Orleanian Anne Rice, who made her name writing erotica and vampire lit, has a new project on the horizon.

Her best-selling novel Interview With The Vampire became a cultural phenomenon when it was adapted into a feature film that starred Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. The dark, sexual material ignited a vampire obsession that persists today with shows like HBO’s True Blood still popular.

But after years of being a self-professed atheist, Rice renounced her long-held doubts and very publicly converted to Christianity. The decision was reflected in her work. In 2005, Rice released Christ The Lord: Out of Egypt, which depicts a life of Jesus Christ from the age of seven to eight. That book was adapted into a feature that will go into production in Italy on September 15. The fictional story follows Jesus as his family leaves Egypt to travel to Nazareth. The story is told from the child Jesus’s perspective as he grows into his religious identity.

Now fully greenlit, the film has set its theatrical release for Easter weekend 2016, where it will go up against Dean Devlin’s Geostorm, which starts shooting in Louisiana this year.

Christ The Lord will be directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh from his own script. Chris Columbus, Mark Radcliffe and Michael Barnathan are producing. Passion of the Christ producer Enzo Sisti is executive producing. Focus Features will distribute.

Source: Deadline