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Scenecast-logo1400When Tom Magliozzi died, I didn’t feel anything. Condolences were popping up on Facebook and Twitter, but I didn’t know who he was. Until I heard his voice. For decades, he was half of “Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers,” the fake names of two real brothers who hosted NPR’s Car Talk.

I knew exactly who he was. The sound of his voice carried with it so many memories. Of working on cars and tractors with my dad. Of painting houses with my brothers. Of trekking across the country on vacation with my family. Of stacking boxes during my summer job. I could repeat twenty jokes Tom told over the years and rattle off the fake credits at the end of his show without even trying. He was someone I had a strong connection with, and yet, I didn’t know his name and had never seen his face.

When Tom died in November, we’d already been developing the SceneCast for months. But his death reminded me of how powerful the spoken word can be. I invited him into my childhood, my teenage years and on vacation with my brother only a few weeks ago.

MBirbiglia-Hi-Res-Photo-Credit-Kyle-Ericksen-300dpi-webNow I want to invite you into Scene Magazine. I want you to be there when I interview Meghan Trainor. I want you to be there when I interview Kevin Costner. I want you to hear how Mark Wahlberg and Craig Robinson struggled to make it early in their careers, and how Mike Birbiglia treated our interview like it was a one-man show with a one-man audience.

Everyone at Scene wants you to hear how screenplays are written and movies are made. How sets are built and music is recorded. How actors stay in shape and films are financed. How to get a job in the entertainment industry and what you really need to study in school.

And we also want to talk about what’s actually worth watching! We want to share the music, movies, television series and more that are inspiring us. On the SceneCast, we’re going to talk about all of that, and we’re going to invite the entertainment industry into the conversation. You never know who’s going to pop up as a guest.

The best part is this: it’s free and you can take it with you. If you’ve got a smart phone, you can stream the SceneCast wherever you go. Take celebrity trainer Aaron Williamson with you while you’re at the gym. Take Shane West with you to Mardi Gras. Bring me, Beth Burvant and David Draper with you while shopping. Whether working, mowing the lawn or avoiding your in-laws, the SceneCast is the best way to get you through the day until you can get to the movie theater, or curled up on the couch to knock out some Netflix.

During our launch week, we’ll be debuting a slew of awesome launch episodes! Although Meghan Trainor is really great, we couldn’t limit it to just one episode. So enjoy all of the great content and make sure to leave a review and subscribe in iTunes. It’ll ensure you get every new episode right on your phone.

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The Cast of ‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2’ at Mardi Gras 2015

by Jordan McGuire on February 18, 2015

Craig Robinson, Clark Duke and Rob Corddry threw down at Bacchus 2015. The funny guys from Hot Tub Time Machine 2 were on float 5, entitled The Chariot, and in the video above you can see they had themselves a grand time.

Craig Robinson manned the front of The Chariot for the duration of the video. Clark Duke and Rob Corddry were set on either flank, tossing beads to drunken and enthused patrons. Their journey in Bacchus begins with sunshine and vibes and finishes with a beautiful shot of Craig’s head in the foreground and the city’s one-of-a-kind nightlife filling the remainder of the frame.

“I threw beads, I saw boobs, and then I threw a bag of beads and I hit somebody in the face. So yeah, it was crazy.” Craig Robinson stated on the Doug Gottlieb Show. “The float must go on. It was the perfect crime, really. I’m not proud of it, but it happened.”

The three were last seen in Mardi Gras in the Krewe of Tucks in 2010. Hot Tub Time Machine was finished filming and the trio hit the streets to promote the film by throwing beads and subtly pleading to see some cleavage.




Trailer: New Orleans-shot ‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2’

by Jordan McGuire on December 12, 2014

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 returns with internet mogul Lou (Rob Corddry) getting shot. In an uncomfortable place. The gang must track down the shooter. Obviously the only solution is to take the plunge into the Hot Tub. They travel across various decades of time in order to find Lou’s shooter.

The New Orleans-shot comedy Hot Tub Time Machine 2 has added Parks and Recreation alum Adam Scott to the already hysterical cast. The Parks and Rec funny-man is replacing John Cusack, who apparently doesn’t do sequels.

The first Hot Tub Time Machine caught me by surprise. I found myself laughing every time Rob Corddry opened his mouth. Corddry does such a great job of being moronic that you immediately side with him. The trailer reveals Corddry will continue lashing out at his best of friends, churning out laughs by the minute.

The comedic cast continues with the always cool Craig Robinson. He too will lash out at his friends but does it in a teddy bear-like anger. He is cleverly comedic and appears to have great chemistry with everyone he works with. If you missed it, here’s Scene’s interview with Robinson.

The courageously geeky Clark Duke also returns as the son of Rob Corddry’s character. In the first Hot Tub Time Machine, the two despise each other, and when they find out that they are father and son, their relationship remains unchanged. Clark Duke is the butt of most of Corddry’s jokes but has the ability to out-wit his father.

Chevy Chase returns as the hot tub mechanic. Gillian Jacobs joins the cast along with the always funny Thomas Lennon and Jason Jones from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

This film is directed by Steve Pink and was written by Josh Heald. It will be released on February 20, 2015. See more at the film’s official website

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 10.54.38 AM


RED BAND TRAILER: Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (NSFW)

by Arthur Vandelay on July 25, 2014

Shot in New Orleans, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 has gotten a red band trailer. That means if you’re at work, you might want to hold off till you’re home. And if you’re home, kick the kid’s out of the room.

After drunkenly traveling back in time in a mystical hot tub in 2010, Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry and Clark Duke are dipping their toes in the disgusting watery Delorean again. After their actions in the 1980s of Hot Tub Time Machine, they’ve altered the future. When Lou (Corddry) gets shot, they’ve got to time travel to find the killer. But this time, the tub takes them not to the decade of Reagan and coke, but to the future. An equally crappy future.

Directed by Steve Pink and also starring Gillian Jacobs and Adam Scott, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 opens on Christmas Day because it’s perfect for families. Actually, no. No family should go see this movie together. But when you’re tired of your relatives, sneak away with your friends and watch this movie. It’s going to be amazing.

Until then, read Scene’s exclusive interview with Craig Robinson here.



Before the Scene with Craig Robinson

by AJ Buckley on May 6, 2013

PeepleswebBefore the Scene is where we all start. In a small town with our families. In front of a mirror with our friends. The days spent sleeping on a couch. The nights working at a bar. Living with the unknown and surrounded by uncertainty. It’s about the times that define us. It’s about the darkness just before the limelight.

Craig Robinson is a veteran actor best known as Darryl Philbin on the NBC smash hit The Office. He has also starred in Hot Tub Time Machine, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and Pineapple Express. He can next be seen as the lead opposite Kerry Washington in Peeples, and in Seth Rogen’s New Orleans-shot directorial debut This Is The End.

What made you want to become an actor?
I started acting in grade school, just doing plays at church. I didn’t pursue it early on. It was just doing plays at church and what have you. Once I got to college, I decided I was going to be a musician, but then comedy just overtook me and chose me. I figured I would be a stand-up, so I started doing stand-up and then on my way to learning stand-up, I stopped in at Second City and I started taking classes. I thought they were going to teach me stand-up but it turned out it was this improv stuff. So I thought, “Okay, well, let’s see what goes on here.” I thought, “Just in case I get on a sitcom or something because of my stand-up, maybe I’ll learn some of this.” I was that naïve to think that could happen.

What was your biggest fear?
Going into stand-up, the fear was always that you would get booed, or you won’t be successful. They won’t laugh. Then there was this quote I read, right at the right time, when I was debating whether to do stand-up or not because of those fears. It said, “Do it despite of being afraid.” Go on despite of your fears. I guess my biggest fear was in the stand-up world. It was to not be able to take what I do with my friends and my family and translate that to a larger audience.

What was your lowest point?
There was a period of about three years. I was on The Office, but I wasn’t on it all the time. Stand-up wasn’t as steady, and I was like flat broke. I don’t know how I made rent, but I made my rent every time. Sometimes I had to borrow, and sometimes I had to do other things, but I made my rent every time. I remember going and collecting all of the coins around the house and going to the grocery store to one of those coin machines to exchange it for cash. It was a point where I was being real lazy and feeling real sorry for myself. It was a period of just not wanting to move. I was just straight up lazy…I guess there was some depression there.

There’s more!


New RED BAND trailer for ‘This Is the End’

by Jillian Aubin

Sony Pictures just released a red band trailer for Seth Rogen’s newest film This Is the End, which stars Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson. The actors star as themselves as they struggle for survival after the apocalypse hits during a party at Franco’s mansion. Expect numerous celebrity appearances and deaths; […]