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Untitled-1Devon Sawa, John Travolta and Kate Bosworth have all signed on to star in David Hackl’s film Life on the Line. The indie drama is the story of a group of outstanding lineman who do the extensive work of fixing the electrical grids on high wires. The crew has difficulty maintaining relationships with the women they love until a storm threatens to destroy their lives.

Production is set to begin next week in Vancouver, which also happens to be where Sawa is originally from. Check out Scene‘s exclusive interview with Devon Sawa here.

There has been no release date set yet.

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Before the Scene: Devon Sawa

by AJ Buckley on September 8, 2014

2104480_big-web photo by Ben Mark Holzberg/CW

This article originally ran in the 2014 September/October issue of Scene Magazine.

Devon Sawa is a veteran actor from Vancouver, Canada. His feature film credits include Final Destination, Idle Hands, Casper, Little Giants and the Baton Rouge-shot actioner The Philly Kid. On television, he recently finished his role as Owen Elliot on Nikita. Sawa can next be seen starring in Punk’s Dead and The Exorcism of Molly Hartley.

What made you want to become an actor?
I was acting as a child. I was on stage and I really, really loved that, but for a different reason than now. When I first started on stage, it was just a way to channel my energy. Then as a young teenager at thirteen, fourteen years old, I started seeing movies like Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction, Scarface, Apocalypse Now, Dr. Strangelove. All these great films with these great actors and it’s something that I wanted to do. I just wanted to do what they were doing: the Pacinos, the De Niros and the Jack Nicholsons, the Dustin Hoffmans. It just appealed to me. I just wanted to do it.

What was your biggest fear?
I didn’t have a lot of fears. Not being able to perform well, maybe. I was quite fearless as a young man. I think that’s why I succeeded is because I was so fearless. I would go into a room, an audition or whatever, with no care in the world. I think that’s why I was able to be successful early: the lack of fear. Which has changed so much! If I could go back to the way I was as a young man, as a teenager, with no cares, no family, no rent, no nothing like that, and walk into some of the rooms with that feeling? I’m sure I would do a lot better in there! It’s crazy. I did that movie called Idle Hands and I had to audition for the studio. I walked into the studio and threw myself over a table and into a wall, using my hand like it was possessed. To think about doing that now in one of those rooms is ludicrous. It’s insane. There’s more!

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