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Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy re-team for this comedy. McCarthy plays a book smart CIA analyst who volunteers for an undercover mission. Jason Statham, Jude Law and Rose Byrne also star. 120 min. Rated R.

Insidious: Chapter 3

The third installment of this horror trilogy will be a prequel to the first film. Elise Rainier agrees to contact the dead to help a teenage girl from supernatural beings. 97 min. Rated PG-13.


Written and directed by the hit show’s lynchpin, Doug Ellin has the gang returning as Vinny Chase tries to reclaim his movie star status. Ari Gold will play God of the movie industry in this comedic drama as Vince and his confidants climb their way to the top of Hollywood. Prepare your eyes for cameos galore. 104 min. Rated R.


Before the Scene with Doug Ellin

by AJ Buckley on July 9, 2014


Before the Scene is where we all start. In a small town with our families. In front of a mirror with our friends. The days spent sleeping on a couch. The nights working at a bar. Living with the unknown and surrounded by uncertainty. It’s about the times that define us. It’s about the darkness just before the limelight.

Doug Ellin is veteran writer, director and producer. A graduate of Tulane University, Ellin is best known as the creator and executive producer of HBO’s Entourage, for which he earned three Primetime Emmy nominations over the course of eight successful seasons. He is currently in post-production on the highly anticipated Entourage feature, set for release next year.

What made you want to become a writer?
Lack of skill in any other field.

What was your biggest fear?
Starvation. For real. I didn’t know a single person when I came out here. I had no connections in the business whatsoever. I had no idea how I was going to make a living, so those were real fears. I wasn’t poor. My parents gave me a little financial help so I could survive, which was great, but I ate spaghetti and ketchup at least three or four days a week for a couple of years.

What was your lowest point?
My lowest point was, surprisingly, after I had some success. I didn’t really struggle for a while. I got into film school early. I made a movie that cost nothing that was picked up by a studio and released worldwide. And then did a second movie and the same thing happened. I made a living for a while. But after that second movie came out and didn’t make money, even though it was such an exceptional independent movie that Universal released it as a big studio film, I couldn’t get a job for the first time in a decade. I mean any job. That was my low point after having pretty good success. And that was right before Entourage.

What was it that kept you from walking away?
I don’t know. I really don’t. It’s one of those things. They keep teasing you with success. There would always be something that led me to believe I should still stay here. You can make a movie for $100,000 dollars that you think is never going to go anywhere. I would be out of money for eight months. And then, someone comes in and says, “I’m going to release it around the world.” It comes out and it doesn’t really make any money. But you just keep going. Little things keep happening that made you think things would be good at some point.

What did you have to walk away from?
I can’t think of anything I’ve necessarily walked away from. This business is one of those things that you just have to keep adapting to. Early on in my career, it really looked like I was headed for big success and then it just evaporated. After making significant progress and money, buying myself a house and living out here at thirty years old, I was thinking about going back to law school. I didn’t know what the hell to do. I was like a pariah.

Who was your closest ally?
Probably my German Shepherds. They’re the ones who have taught me the most!
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Mark Wahlberg Hints at ‘Entourage’ Movie Sequel

by Samantha Roberge on June 24, 2014

Mark-Wahlberg-Transformers-Age-Of-Extinction_web Mark Wahlberg in ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’
While many of next summer’s movies are still being filmed, one highly anticipated project is almost done. Entourage, the upcoming feature film based on the popular HBO television series, is almost ready for big screens everywhere. After finishing principle photography, Entourage creator Doug Ellin put together a screening of a rough cut for Mark Wahlberg, who produced both the show and the film.

“I just saw the movie. It’s fantastic. The stakes are so big. You’re rooting for these guys to succeed,” said the Transformers: Age of Extinction star after his viewing. “There’s so much humor and heart in it and Doug just did an amazing job. I don’t think we’re going to be able to wait a year to release the movie. We’re going to show the studio sooner, rather than later. If it makes most sense to wait until June, we’ll wait until June.” With Wahlberg wanting to unleash it before the already predetermined release date of June 2015, he says that Ellin should start thinking about ideas for a sequel.

Although some might chase a quick paycheck to cash in on an existing property, Ellin has taken his time crafting the film adaptation, which centers on star Vincent Chase (Adrien Grenier) becoming a director. Although the film hasn’t been seen by many, it’s never to early to start planning a sequel.

Look for AJ Buckley’s exclusive interview Doug Ellin in Scene Magazine’s July/August issue. And read Scene’s exclusive interview with Mark Wahlberg here.


aquaman_entourage_nosologeeksBatman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the strangely titled DC Comics follow up to Man of Steel, continues to fill out the costumes of its super famous superheroes. Henry Cavill reprises his role as Supes, Ben Affleck will put on the cowl for the first time as Batman, Gal Gadot will fill out Wonder Woman, and last week, it leaked that Jason Momoa is Aquaman.

HBO’s Emmy favorite Entourage famously cast the fictitious Vinny Chase as Aquaman in a big budget film directed by James Cameron, who guest starred on the show. Scene recently spoke with Entourage creator Doug Ellin about Momoa landing the role in real life.

Scene: Were you excited or disappointed when the rumors about Jason Momoa started circling that he will be Aquaman?

Doug Ellin: (laughs) I mean, I can’t tell you how much I love that the “movies” we have come up with on Entourage have turned into movies. The Pablo Escobar movie hasn’t happened yet, but you know when Oliver Stone was quoted saying he got the idea from Ari Gold? I don’t need anything more than that! It’s exciting that it happened.

And Aquaman… actually they made a reference I think on Smallville to us. They brought Aquaman on and they said he was on Entourage or something. I love that we’ve come up with these things in a vacuum that we never expected to make it into a movie and some of them have actually come to fruition. It’s pretty cool.

Ellin, a graduate of Tulane University in New Orleans, is now in post-production on Entourage, the feature length film that will reunite the HBO show’s cast. Ellin is directing from his script. Look for Scene‘s full interview with Ellin in the July/August issue of Scene Magazine.

Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa remains coy about his new role as the underseas overlord but he more or less confirmed the casting on Jimmy Kimmel last week. See for yourself in the clip below.