Editor’s Letter

Louisiana is this amazing place that will fill your senses to the brim. We have some of the best music, the best food, the best people and the best stories in the world. Anyone who has ever visited knows this to be true. And as people who live here, we know it to be gospel! But for the majority of Louisiana’s history, there wasn’t an industry to support all of the singular storytellers here.

That changed about ten years ago when the State of Louisiana created a film tax incentive to bring jobs back to the United States from abroad. It was a landmark decision: no one else in the United States was doing it! And it has brought hundreds of film and television projects to Louisiana and billions of dollars in economic impact.

It has also changed the conversation about Louisiana. We were once only in the news for negatives. But now, the press refers to Louisiana as the “movie-making capital of the world.” Once a state only lampooned in comedies that didn’t shoot here like The Waterboy, Louisiana now hosts prestige projects like Best Picture winner 12 Years A Slave and homegrown Best Picture nominee Beasts of the Southern Wild, Emmy winners Treme, True Detective and American Horror Story and popular television series like NCIS: New Orleans, which will now be distributed to over two hundred markets worldwide.

These successes are redefining our economy. It’s reversing the “brain drain” of young minds to other states. And it’s also attracting people to Louisiana, both new residents and tourists eager to experience our state.

We need protect the Louisiana film industry to ensure its positive growth. The current film incentive, called the Motion Picture Investor Tax Credit, has created the best environment for long-term growth in the country. We need to protect it in order to protect the growth of Louisiana’s film industry and Louisiana’s economy. If there are changes made, we want them to only strengthen and streamline that growth, creating more jobs and more opportunity.

To do this, we need to fund a landmark economic impact study. Louisiana Legislators are asking us for concrete data, and we need to give it to them. We need to give them an honest, independent study from the noted research firm HR&A. But a good study costs a lot of money: around $150,000.

2LFEA-9660-webThe Louisiana Film & Entertainment Association (LFEA) has already started raising money to cover the cost of the study. Now we need to raise the final $50,000 to get the facts. We considered many options for how to raise this money. And Kickstarter was the clear choice because it creates an opportunity to do two things:

1) It gives you an opportunity to tell your story. We know that film has a positive impact on a wide array of residents and businesses in Louisiana. And you should share your story. We want you to say “Here’s My $2,” which means “film has had an impact on me!”

2) It gives us an opportunity to connect with you. The prizes are the perfect opportunity to connect with each other. By supporting this Kickstarter, you can mingle with filmmakers at the New Orleans Film Festival. You can meet one-on-one with a casting director, a talent agent, a film composer or a producer. You can learn how to break in to the film industry. You can meet a great headshot photographer! And we get to meet you and see what you have to offer!

By backing this Kickstarter, you are doing more than signing a petition. You are putting your money where your mouth is. By saying “Here’s My $2,” you are supporting film.

We have SO many amazing prizes and more yet to be announced! We’ve already received such an outpouring of support even before the campaign has begun. You can see a full list of all the prizes offered at heresmytwobucks.com. There’s more!