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‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Bombs

by Arthur Vandelay on August 10, 2015

fantastic-four-2015-josh-trank-star-warsThis weekend, Fox’s attempt to reboot its Marvel comics franchise Fantastic Four bombed at the box office, earning only $26.2 million in its first three days, despite playing in nearly four thousand theaters nationwide. Even after adding the superhero actioner’s international earnings, the film’s current box office total climbs to only $60.3 million.

While the actual budget numbers are hard to come by, some reports place the production budget at circa $120 million dollars. That almost certainly excludes the cash spent when the production returned to Baton Rouge for lengthy reshoots that went on for months. It also does not include the typical marketing spend for a major tentpole release, which I’d estimate is at least $100 million.

In addition, films split box office receipts with the theaters. That means Fox has only covered circa $30 million of at least a $220 million dollar investment in Fantastic Four. Ouch.

With a very poor first weekend and an even weaker critical response, the reasons behind the film’s disappointing reception aren’t mysterious. Outside of the film’s stellar cast – which includes Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, Kate Mara as Sue Storm, Miles Teller as Reed Richards, Jamie Bell as Benn Grimm, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes alum Toby Kebbell as Dr. Doom – not much went right.

Second time director Josh Trank, who was hired in the wake of his excellent film Chronicle, had a bumpy road and was essentially removed from the project. Another director was brought in to do substantial reshoots. Just days before Fantastic Four‘s release, Trank bashed his own movie on Twitter, blaming the film’s apparently poor quality on studio meddling. At the time of its release, Fantastic Four only had a 9% positive rating on the movie review aggregator site Even the little loved 2005 film has 27% positive reviews.

Early fan reaction to the film was also not very promising. From the first images, the rebooted film seemed to be the embodiment of that soulless studio executive promise that they are going “grittier, darker.” All while retelling a boilerplate origin story already well known to audiences. There was also much made of casting a black actor as Johnny Storm, brother of Sue Storm. Both characters have been historically portrayed as white. For most people, including me, this is a ridiculous reason to criticize the film before its release. As long as there’s a plausible explanation in the story, who cares? However, this strikes me as one of those “issues” with the film that wouldn’t have mattered to fanatical Fantastic Four purists at all if the final product was a great movie. Since it wasn’t great, the move away from tradition is just one item in a long list of items that seems to indicate studio meddling that may have harmed the project.

Fox will be fine, though, thanks to 2015 hits like the animated feature Home, which has earned the studio $386 million, Kingsman: The Secret Service, which earned $406 million, and Spy, which is currently at $233 million.

Fantastic Four is now playing in theaters everywhere. Go see it for yourself and make up your own mind.

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Crashing into theaters this Friday, Baton Rouge-shot Fantastic Four tries to find success as a reboot of the Marvel comic. Following months of hype, the reboot may be overshadowed by another new movie from Marvel Studios, Ant-Man. That film has continued to be a box office force in the past few weeks. Also coming to theaters this weekend is Meryl Streep in Ricki and The Flash, as well as The Gift, The Diary of a Teenage Girl and Dark Places.

Fantastic Four

The origins of the four are illustrated as they team up and teleport to a dangerous alternate dimension. They discover powers and abilities and must band together to save Earth from Dr. Doom. Shot in Baton Rouge, the superhero flick stars Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Toby Kebbell, Jamie Bell, Michael B. Jordan and Tim Blake Nelson. 106 min. Rated PG-13.

Ricki and The Flash

An aging musician returns to her family, hoping to reconcile for abandoning them in order to follow her dreams of rock’n’roll fame. 102 min. Rated PG-13.

The Gift

Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall play a young couple whose lives are shaken by the unexpected arrival of a high school acquaintance. Dark secrets come to light through the haunting presence of this “friend” and the mysterious gifts he brings. 108 min. Rated R.

The Diary of a Teenage Girl

In 1970s San Francisco, a 15 year old artistic girl begins to have an affair with her mother’s boyfriend, a man more than twice her age. 102 min. Rated R.

Dark Places

A woman haunted by her family’s murder recalls the traumatic memories in order to discover the truth about that night. 113 min. Rated R.


The Baton Rouge-shot superhero flick shows us the true origins of the Four’s friendships and the birth of their powers. Tim Blake Nelson starts the trailer out by scolding Dr. Storm for spending millions of dollars without turning a profit or any valuable ideas. Dr. Storm, played by House of Cards star Reg E. Cathey, says that the future is bright with the addition of Reed Richards.

Miles Teller plays Reed Richards and I’m already a fan of his contagious nerd-isms. We see the Four’s relationships forming right before our eyes. We also find out that Kate Mara, Sue Storm, is the daughter of Dr. Storm and sister of Johnny Storm played by Michael B. Jordan. The Thing, played by Jamie Bell, will provide muscle and won’t let any of the other lab coats bully Richard Reed, it’s cool to see their polar opposite attitudes form an admirable relationship.

Reed Richards seems to form great relationships with each member of the Fantastic Four and he shows that he is a born leader. He is smart, courageous, loyal and wishes to get his friends back to normal. Fortunately, Johnny Storm wishes to use their powers to help people and save the world from Doom. Doctor Doom.

We finally get the much anticipated arrival of Doctor Doom. He looks evil, metallic, menacing and sports an incredible hoody. We traverse dimensions with the four (actually five, but it seems that the one dude will die on the journey) and we enter the world where inhabited by Doctor Doom.

A major plus for me as a viewer is the comedy and chemistry the cast has on screen together. Miles Teller seems to have the nerd comedy beats down to a science (pun intended!). He, along with Michael B. Jordan have a couple of sequences together that are sure to generate chuckles throughout the theater, the classic fist bump mishap for example. We also catch a budding kindergarten-like flirtatious love interest between Reed Richards and Sue Storm.

Aaron Williamson will play a Navy Seal in Fantastic Four. Read Aaron’s Health Scene column here. Check out some recent photos of Fantastic Four here. Fantastic Four flies into theaters August 7. Directed by Josh Trank, this re-imagining looks to be a thrill ride.

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PHOTOS: The Thing is Revealed in ‘Fantastic Four’

by Jordan McGuire on April 10, 2015


Thanks to 20th Century Fox, /film and apparently some dude’s Instagram feed, we finally see the industrial strength official photo of The Thing, the rock formation from the new superhero flick Fantastic Four. Along with The Thing photo, we see two other awesome photos from the upcoming film. We can over analyze both photos below.


This photo looks to be Richard Reed. Miles Teller is laying on some sort of device that will either help or hurt his flexibility. His left arm appears to be stretched more so than his right and it seems that his hands are no pictured or are completely absent. Are those scientists in the green suits? Not too sure if this is a positive or negative photo for Mr. Fantastic but I certainly can’t wait to find out.


The last photo looks like it is right out of a shot from Prometheus or even Interstellar. The shot itself looks superb and the world that is set up is incredibly vast. The setting alone looks to be out of this world and creates a universe that is like no other Fantastic Four film we’ve seen before.

Fantastic Four opens August 7. The superhero picture is written Simon Kinberg and directed by Josh Trank. The film stars Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell and Toby Kebbell.

Fantastic Four, a contemporary re-imagining of Marvel’s original and longest-running superhero team, centers on four young outsiders who teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways. Their lives irrevocably upended, the team must learn to harness their daunting new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.

Visit the official website for Fantastic Four here. And watch the trailer here.


INT’L TRAILER: Baton Rouge-Shot ‘Fantastic Four’

by Jordan McGuire on April 6, 2015

Above is an international trailer for the Baton Rouge-shot flick Fantastic Four. You can watch the initial teaser trailer here. Still no answers to the “Be ready for what is coming” dialogue but we’re getting closer.

The new international trailer shows us some of the same images we saw in the first teaser trailer. The newest installment brings the four a little closer and reveals their powers more individually.

We see Johnny “flame on,” we see Sue Storm’s blue force-field, we see The Thing’s massive rock crushing power and we see Reed Richard’s flexibility for a brief second.

The Interstellar-esque theme continues with this international trailer. The corn fields and the endless world destruction reminds me of the imagery in Christopher Nolan’s most recent sci-fi epic. After recently binge watching and finally finishing season three of House of Cards, I couldn’t help but love Freddy’s (Reg E. Cathey) methodical voice-over narration. Still no sign of Toby Kebbell playing Victor Domachev but I’m sure it won’t be long before he shows up.

Fantastic Four is directed by Chronicle helmer Josh Trank. The superhero film stars Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell.

The film wrapped in Baton Rouge in early August 2014 and is set to be released August 7.



PHOTOS: ‘Fantastic Four’

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PHOTOS: ‘Fantastic Four’

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Kate Mara on ‘Fantastic Four’

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Simon Kinberg to script ‘Fantastic Four’

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