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LFEA Announces ‘Here’s My Two Bucks’ Campaign

by Arthur Vandelay on September 18, 2014

IMG_8127-webThe Louisiana Film & Entertainment Association has announced a new campaign, dubbed “Here’s My Two Bucks.” The film industry organization made the announcement via email to members of the film industry. “We know that the film industry has a positive impact on Louisiana’s economy. A billion dollar impact every year. Now, we need to prove it,” the email said.

The first phase of the campaign involves fundraising through Kickstarter. The popular crowdfunding site will be used to fund and raise awareness for a “landmark study” that the email says LFEA “anticipates will show how much the film & entertainment industry benefits Louisiana.” The Kickstarter will go live on September 29.

With the fiscal session of the Louisiana legislature still more than eight months away, the timing of the campaign indicates the increased organization and growing influence of the film industry in Louisiana. The industry, which was almost nonexistent ten years ago, now has circa one billion dollars of direct economic impact on the Bayou State each year. That direct impact from the film productions themselves to the local economy is well documented by State-mandated audits. It looks like the new landmark study referenced in LFEA’s email aims to examine the ancillary benefits to Louisiana’s economy, the indirect impact that is not currently accounted for by the State, but that would not exist without the entertainment industry.

Rather than simply asking for donations for a cause or project, Kickstarters offer prizes in exchange for donations, creating a direct value proposition for supporters. Not only will backers be supporting a cause, but they will receive some benefit in return. Common Kickstarter prizes include both physical items like shirts and experience-based prizes, where the backer is offered access to an experience that may otherwise be out of their reach. The “Here’s My $2” prizes have yet to be announced, but the email also mentions prizes will be announced on the campaign’s Facebook page at The campaign’s domain,, redirects to the Facebook page now.

“This campaign seeks to highlight not only the benefits to our growing industry, but many of the other businesses and residents it positively affects worldwide,” the email says. The email features a photo of a family with the city of New Orleans in the background, along with a photo of background actress Susie Labry, a long time vocal supporter of Louisiana film who has been active in the industry for a decade.

The rallying call #keepusrollin is also present in the email. The familiar social hashtag was widely adopted across Louisiana during the entertainment industry’s last legislative push.

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