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7 Reasons to Watch ‘7 Days in Hell’

by Elizabeth Glauser on July 16, 2015

7-days-in-hell-andy-sambergHBO’s mockumentary 7 Days in Hell premiered Saturday, telling the tale of a seven-day Wimbledon match between American bad boy Aaron Williams and English dimwit Charles Poole. The usually demure sport serves as a backdrop for an absurd, laugh-out-loud story. Below are seven reasons to watch:

1) Dueling Tennis Historians: Fred Armisen and Will Forte play British and American tennis historians, each with their own hilarious take on 7-day match.

2) So Many Stars: The cameos alone are worth the watch. The random parade of celebrities includes tennis stars, famous magicians, actors and an unrecognizable Howie Mandel. Perhaps the best of these appearances come from Michael Sheen. The Masters of Sex star plays the overtly creepy host of a British sports show. His prominent gut and uncomfortable advances on a young Charles Poole make his performance one of the highlights of this already strong group of supporting players.

3) The Reverse Blindside: It turns out that Andy Samberg’s Aaron Williams is the adopted brother of none other than Venus and Serena. In what Serena calls, “a reverse blindside,” the Williams family takes in a white boy from the streets and makes him play tennis.

4) Jon Snow does Comedy: Kit Harington is best known as playing grim-faced Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, so his turn as a comically incompetent tennis prodigy is refreshing. His years of looking uncomfortably cold were perfect preparation for this role as a perpetually uncomfortable idiot. Side note for Game of Thrones fans: his hair could definitely support another season as Jon Snow.

5) Queen Elizabeth II, The Violent: Poole is regularly antagonized by none other than Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II. Their first talk over the phone is friendly and encouraging, but things quickly turn hostile as the Queen dives further into distress and drunk-dialing.

6) David Copperfield as a Deviant David Copperfield: One of the most random and hilarious cameos is from 90s magician David Copperfield. He plays one of Williams’ closest confidants, and partner in cocaine-fueled binges.

7) It makes tennis exciting: Sex, attempted murder, full-frontal male nudity, obscene trash talk and death. That  is quite possibly the only combination that would make watching tennis exciting.

You can watch 7 Days In Hell now on HBOGo or HBO’s new stand alone service HBONow.