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american ultraThe stoner action comedy American Ultra just released its second trailer, and here’s the pitch: it’s Bourne mixed with bud.

Shot in the New Orleans area, American Ultra stars Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) as a stoner whose only assignment is holding down the saddest convenience store ever. Until he’s “activated” by Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights), and revealed to be a sleeper with Jason Bourne-style training. Kristen Stewart (The Twilight Saga) stars as his girlfriend.

Both Eisenberg and Stewart have a long history shooting in Louisiana. Eisenberg starred in the New Orleans-shot film Now You See Me and Stewart filmed The Yellow Handkerchief and Welcome to the Rileys in New Orleans and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2 in Baton Rouge at Celtic Studios. She also shot part of On the Road in Louisiana.

The movie looks like a helluva lot of fun, reminiscent of director David Gordon Green’s Pineapple Express, an action/stoner comedy that took its action seriously. That film, which starred Seth Rogen, Danny McBride and a long-haired James Franco, was a surprise hit for Sony. Costing only $27 million, it brought in over $90 million worldwide before making a bundle on DVD after it was released in 2008.

American Ultra is written by Chronicle scribe Max Landis, who’s wit is clearly evident in the trailer, and directed by Nima Nourizadeh, who also directed Project X. Topher Grace, Walton Goggins, John Leguizamo, Bill Pullman, Tony Hale and Teri Wyble also appear.

American Ultra is slated to hit theaters on August 21.


FIRST LOOK: New Orleans-Shot ‘American Ultra’

by Jordan McGuire on May 17, 2015


The Adventureland adolescent romantic duo is teaming up for the Nola-shot film American Ultra. Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart play pot heads who watch TV together and have plans to get married. Eisenberg wears a long wig in the film and fits the mold of the slacker stoner pretty well. He’s about to propose and WHAM! he’s a secret spy mega beast, and the government is trying to eliminate him? Prepare to see Eisenberg and Stewart go full on Jason Bourne in this film.

Hopefully we’ll hear some Velvet Underground and Lou Reed humming in the background in American Ultra. One thing that brings the Adventureland stars together is pot and bummer music.

MTV reports that director Nima Nourizadeh (Project X) has blended genres and we should expect to see action, comedy and romance. Nourizadeh is directing from a script penned by Max Landis (Chronicle).

The film opens August 21. Check out American Ultra posters here.

Source: /Film, MTV


TRAILER: Julianne Moore Oscar Worthy in ‘Still Alice’

by Jordan McGuire on December 10, 2014

Julianne Moore is one of those actresses who seems to never pick a bad movie. Whether it’s because she is leading the way, the script, the director or all of the above, I tend to gravitate towards her projects.

Julianne Moore stars as Maude in my favorite movie of all time, The Big Lebowski, a parody of the modern feminist artist. She also starred in the cult classic Boogie Nights, playing Amber Waves, surrogate mother to Mark Wahlberg’s character Dirk Diggler.

In her new film Still Alice, we will see a very different side of Moore. She is coupled with actor Alec Baldwin and plays mother to Kristen Stewart. In the Still Alice trailer, we see that she is struggling with the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, although not yet suffering from the full blown physical effects of the illness.

This film is written and directed by Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland. Opens in select cities starting January 16, 2015. Read more at the film’s official website



TRAILER: Kristen Stewart in ‘Camp X-Ray’

by Michelle Preau on August 11, 2014

From vampires to the army, Kristen Stewart takes on a more serious role as she stars in the Sundance drama Camp X-Ray. The film about ongoing War on Terror follows soldier Amy Cole (Stewart) as she serves as a guard in Guantanamo Bay. During her serve she befriends prisoner Ali (Peyman Moaadi) who has been locked up for eight years. Even on opposite sides of war, these two form an unusual bond that changes them both.

The film was directed by Peter Sattler and it set for release October 17.



Walton Goggins to star in ‘American Ultra’

by Wyatt Gassen on March 18, 2014


Justified star Walton Goggins has officially confirmed his involvement in American Ultra, a film about a small town stoner’s disrupted life when his sketchy past comes back to haunt him and the government seeks to eliminate him. Shooting in New Orleans, the drama also stars Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart and veteran actors Uma Thurman and Don Yesso, who also appears in the New Orleans-shot comedy 22 Jump Street, which hits theaters this June. Directed by Project X‘s Nima Nourizadeh and produced by Anthony Bregman, David Alpert and Britton Rizzo, American Ultra is expected to hit theaters in 2015.



New trailer for ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’

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Lionsgate-Summit has just released the first full trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. The final conclusion to the Twilight series will be out in theaters November 16. Source: Deadline

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‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ at Comic Con

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The cast of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 opened up San Diego Comic Con with a panel revealing some juicy tidbits from the last film. All of the Twilight franchise favorites were present, with director Bill Condon joining in via video. At the panel, the first seven minutes of the film were […]