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The Baton Rouge-shot reboot of Magnificent Seven has added another rider to the cast. Fifty Shades of Grey and American Sniper star Luke Grimes have joined Antoine Fuqua’s remake. Luke Grimes has had a very impressive last twelve months as he appeared in two of Hollywood’s most talked about features.

With the addition of Grimes, the cast includes Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Liam Neeson, Haley Bennett and Vincent D’Onofrio, who will play the villain. The synopsis of the Magnificent Seven reboot begins shortly after the Civil War. The setting takes place in a war-torn town inhabited by a ruthless gold mining tycoon and his fearsome thugs. A man is brutally killed and his widow calls upon a bounty hunter to settle the score. The bounty hunter calls upon six other guns to help take down the gold mining tycoon and his thugs.

The role of Luke Grimes is yet to be revealed but we can make assumptions that he will be one of the six riders. Grimes also has a new project on the horizon called Freeheld, a gay rights drama with Julianne Moore and Ellen Page. He’s also been in Taken 2, Brothers and Sisters and the Louisiana-shot HBO vamp camp series True Blood.

Production for Magnificent Seven will begin May 18 in Baton Rouge. If you want to work on Magnificent Seven visit jobScene for further information.

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Cinerella web


Disney takes on the challenge of a live-action retelling of one of the most famous fairy tales involving a fairy godmother, a glass slipper and a prince looking for his true love. 112 min. Rated PG.

It Follows

A young girl is followed by an unknown force. This terrifying horror film has gained traction from various film festivals. 100 min. Rated R. 

Run All Night

Liam Neeson stars as an aging hit man forced to take on his former boss to protect his own family. 114 min. Rated R.



Inherent Vice

In a drug fueled 1970s Los Angeles, Joaquin Phoenix splendidly fits the role of Larry “Doc” Sportello in Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film Inherent Vice. The film also features highly recognizable actors like Owen Wilson, Reese Witherspoon, Josh Brolin, Eric Roberts, Maya Rudolph and Boardwalk Empire alum Michael Kenneth Williams. 148 min. Rated R.


The Spierig Brothers return with their Daybreakers star Ethan Hawke for their new film Predestination. Hawke plays a time-traveling Temporal Agent on his final assignment tracking down one criminal that has eluded him throughout time. 97 min. Rated R.

Taken 3

Ageless sparkplug Liam Neeson returns as Bryan Mills in the third installment of the Taken series. 109 min. Rated PG-13.


The powerful march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama led by Interstellar alum David Oyelowo who plays Martin Luther King, Jr. Filmed in Alabama and Georgia, the film is jam packed with mega stars including Oprah, Cuba Gooding Jr, Giovanni Ribisi, Tim Roth, Common, Martin Sheen and New Orleans native Wendell Pierce128 min. Rated PG-13.


New clip from Universal’s ‘Battleship’

by Jillian Aubin on May 1, 2012

A new clip has just been released from Universal’s Battleship starring Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard and Liam Neeson. The action film has been dominating the international box office for the past three weekends, so far earning $170.9 million. Battleship won’t open in North America until May 18th, but in the meantime, follow the link below to see an exclusive clip featuring Rihanna and Alexander Skarsgard.

New Battleship clip

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While it has yet to be released domestically, Universal’s big budget actioner Battleship has reached the $100 million mark internationally in its first ten days of release. It is expected to hit $126 million when the number from this weekend are officially tallied.

In its second week of international release, Battleship tops the box office in Germany, Austria, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, and it held well following week one in Australia and Japan. The film still has yet to premiere in fourteen additional territories, including Israel, South Africa and Latin America.

Though the film’s protagonists man a battleship in the U.S. Navy, the international cast includes Canadian actor Taylor Kitsch, Irish actor Liam Neeson, Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard and Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano.

Battleship opens wide in North America on May 18.

Source: Deadline


‘Battleship’ premieres at number one internationally

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The sci-fi epic Battleship premiered for foreign audiences more than a month before its U.S. debut, topping the box offices in almost every market. The larger than life budget left Hollywood skeptical of the movie’s ability to succeed financially, but the early international success may put Universal at ease. The film opened in Australia, Korea, […]

60-second spot of Peter Berg’s ‘Battleship’ to air during Super Bowl

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New trailer for board game inspired ‘Battleship’

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The success of the Transformers franchise has made room for another toy store staple to hit the big screen. Battleship is the latest children’s classic to get a movie makeover with stars like Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgard and Brooklyn Decker helping bring the board game to life. The game was adapted for the screen by […]

Liam Neeson joins “Battleship”

by Arthur Vandelay

Liam Neeson has joined the cast of Universal’s “Battleship.”  The recent star of “The A-Team” and “Clash of the Titans” adds some much needed gravitas to a cast currently comprised of young talent. While television vets Taylor Kitsch (“Friday Night Lights”) and Alexander Skarsgard (“True Blood”) certainly have a fan base, they are largely untested […]