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IN THEATERS: ‘Ted 2,’ ‘Max’

by Jordan McGuire on June 26, 2015


Ted 2

The sequel to Seth MacFarlane’s teddy bear comedy is here. Mark Wahlberg returns as best bud for his newly married furry friend. In order to be a parent, Ted must prove he’s a person in a court of law. 115 min. Rated R.


Post traumatic stress effects dogs too. This is a heart warming story about a US Marine dog returning home from the war in Afghanistan. 111 min. Rated PG.



Juston Street will come to New Orleans to join Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, John Malkovich, Kate Hudson and Dylan O’Brian. The Pete Berg-directed film has already begun principle photography in New Orleans. Lionsgate has released a first look photo of an oil-soaked Mark Wahlberg in character.

This will mark (pun intended) the second time Pete Berg and Mark Wahlberg have teamed up as the two worked on Lone Survivor, the inspirational true story of Marcus Luttrell. The BP oil spill drama is based off of “Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hour,” the  New York Timesarticle written by David Barstow. Peter Berg will also be reconnecting with the film’s scribe Matthew Michael Carnahan, the two collaborated on The Kingdom together.

Juston Street will play Gervasio, a rescue boat worker called to duty, travelling the fiery waters to aid the oil rig workers. You can see Street in Richard Linklater’s That’s What I’m Talking About and in Angelo Pizzo’s My All American.

The oil rig explosion film is expected to be released in September 2016. For more information and a possible job opportunity on the New Orleans-shot Deepwater Horizon film visit jobScene here.

Source: Deadline



Principle photography began Monday in South Louisiana on The Long Night, also known as Deepwater Horizon. The film has an awe-inspiring cast including Mark Wahlberg, John Malkovich, Kurt Russell, Dylan O’Brien, Gina Rodriguez and Kate Hudson.

Lionsgate released our first look at the film, featuring an oil-drenched Mark Wahlberg in character as a worker on the rig that imploded only a few years ago off the coast of Louisiana. Several men died in the accident and it resulted in millions of barrels of oil spilling into the Gulf. Wahlberg will play Mike Williams, an electronics technician who outlived the Deepwater Horizon rig and acts courageously in the event that killed eleven and injured seventeen others.

The film, which is directed by Peter Berg, will shoot in and around the New Orleans area, including St. Bernard Parish. The project is a big one, but big is Berg’s specialty. He previously directed Battleship in Baton Rouge, Hancock and The Rundown, which is one of the best action adventure films of the last twenty years.

We’ll be watching this film closely.




Kate Hudson will join Kurt Russell, John Malkovich and Mark Wahlberg in New Orleans for Deepwater Horizon. Hudson will play the wife of the oil rig engineer (Wahlberg). This will also be the first time Penny Lane and her step-father, Kurt Russell, will play side by side in a feature.

Hudson will be returning to the Bayou State. She previously filmed 2011’s A Little Bit of Heaven in New Orleans and the 2005 thriller The Skeleton Key across South Louisiana.

A Most Violent Year’s JC Chandor was set to direct the film but has since been replaced by mammoth budget specialist Pete Berg. Berg and Wahlberg will be reuniting as the two worked on Lone Survivor, the true story of Marcus Luttrell.

The BP oil spill drama is written by Matthew Carnahan and is based on the New York Times article “Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hour,” written by David Barstow. The story chronicles the men who were caught in the intense flames that engulfed the oil rig killing eleven and injuring sixteen more. The courage these men displayed will be captured on film and will shed some light on one of the biggest man-made disasters in history.

Production is underway in New Orleans and the film is expected to be released in September 2016. If you’re interested in working on the film visit jobScene for more info.

Source: Deadline


Scenecast-logo1400When Tom Magliozzi died, I didn’t feel anything. Condolences were popping up on Facebook and Twitter, but I didn’t know who he was. Until I heard his voice. For decades, he was half of “Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers,” the fake names of two real brothers who hosted NPR’s Car Talk.

I knew exactly who he was. The sound of his voice carried with it so many memories. Of working on cars and tractors with my dad. Of painting houses with my brothers. Of trekking across the country on vacation with my family. Of stacking boxes during my summer job. I could repeat twenty jokes Tom told over the years and rattle off the fake credits at the end of his show without even trying. He was someone I had a strong connection with, and yet, I didn’t know his name and had never seen his face.

When Tom died in November, we’d already been developing the SceneCast for months. But his death reminded me of how powerful the spoken word can be. I invited him into my childhood, my teenage years and on vacation with my brother only a few weeks ago.

MBirbiglia-Hi-Res-Photo-Credit-Kyle-Ericksen-300dpi-webNow I want to invite you into Scene Magazine. I want you to be there when I interview Meghan Trainor. I want you to be there when I interview Kevin Costner. I want you to hear how Mark Wahlberg and Craig Robinson struggled to make it early in their careers, and how Mike Birbiglia treated our interview like it was a one-man show with a one-man audience.

Everyone at Scene wants you to hear how screenplays are written and movies are made. How sets are built and music is recorded. How actors stay in shape and films are financed. How to get a job in the entertainment industry and what you really need to study in school.

And we also want to talk about what’s actually worth watching! We want to share the music, movies, television series and more that are inspiring us. On the SceneCast, we’re going to talk about all of that, and we’re going to invite the entertainment industry into the conversation. You never know who’s going to pop up as a guest.

The best part is this: it’s free and you can take it with you. If you’ve got a smart phone, you can stream the SceneCast wherever you go. Take celebrity trainer Aaron Williamson with you while you’re at the gym. Take Shane West with you to Mardi Gras. Bring me, Beth Burvant and David Draper with you while shopping. Whether working, mowing the lawn or avoiding your in-laws, the SceneCast is the best way to get you through the day until you can get to the movie theater, or curled up on the couch to knock out some Netflix.

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Go to to get started. We’re already there, eagerly awaiting you. So, listen up.


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