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netflix-house-of-cardsMicah and David review House of Cards Season 3, the Netflix Original series that stars Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Michael Kelly.

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0:50 – Intro
1:59 – A look back at seasons 1&2 of House of Cards
22:30 – House of Cards Season 3 review
31:15 – Spoilers for House of Cards Season 3

Music for this week’s show comes from the original soundtrack to House of Cards by Jeff Beal. You can find it in iTunes here.

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Filmmaker refutes moon landing conspiracy theorists

by Arthur Vandelay on December 23, 2012

Filmmaker S.G. Collins refutes the long-standing claims of conspiracy theorists who believe the federal government hired Hollywood to fake the United States’ first landing on the moon.

Here’s an example of a television program that explores some of the theories that Collins debunks:


Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Pacific Rim’

by Arthur Vandelay on December 13, 2012

In the hands of another director, a high concept “aliens versus robots” movie would probably fall far on my personal list of most anticipated films. But Pacific Rim is directed by Guillermo del Toro, he of Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy, Blade II and Cronos.

The first trailer saw the light of day this morning.


One of the best moviegoings of my life was seeing the midnight opening of The Dark Knight at the Prytania Theatre. The good nature and enthusiasm of that crowd still stands out as one of the best entertainment experiences I’ve ever had. And for weeks afterwards it was amazing to see the world echo my own reaction to the film. It felt like a truly global experience.

I hoped for a similar experience with the release of The Dark Knight Rises. And though I thoroughly enjoyed the midnight screening I attended, while driving away, I heard the first reports of the horrors that befell a kindred audience in Aurora, Colorado. There was a gunman, they said. Many were dead, they said.

What a violation. As filmgoers, we readily sit vulnerable for hours in a dark room. It takes substantial trust to suspend our senses enough to enjoy a film. To be willingly distracted. In rooms filled with hundreds of strangers, we find enough trust to laugh, to cry, to think. We find enough trust to love.

While it may have been the intentions of the gunman to destroy that trust, there was still love. There were still those who sacrificed themselves so that their loved ones might live. There are still those holding their loved ones even now.

On the following Friday night, theaters across the country were filled. Millions gathered, undeterred. Some may characterize their willingness as indifference. But I think it was trust.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the tragedy in Aurora.

– Micah Haley


EXCELLENCE: Christopher Nolan has it.

by Micah Haley on May 1, 2012

Count me among those longing for a return to story-driven filmmaking. Some would follow that sentence with a lament, praying for the death of mega-budget studio tentpoles. But while it is true that some of last summer’s biggest movies disappointed, I’ve found equally weak storytelling in a slew of small independent films. Great stories can be told at any budget level. What does this have to do with Christopher Nolan? This: give an excellent storyteller a lot of money, and he will make more for you. There’s more!


Editor’s Blog – An Introduction

by Micah Haley

You may have noticed our love for film. It is the industry that birthed Scene Magazine, after all. Though we lovingly cover music and fashion, and anything that entertains, film is who we are. Yet, noticeably absent from our family of publications are film reviews. You’ll see a few of those here. Also absent from our […]


by Ben Adams

Texas native Liana Liberato is quickly on the rise. At fourteen, her resume outshines actors three decades her senior. Her first feature film role came at the age of nine. “That was The Last Sin Eater,” she says. “I think I turned ten on set. It was a religious film about a little girl discovering […]


by Micah Haley

With Louisiana’s film and music industry on the rise, the stage refuses to be left out. With a robust tax incentive offering behind him, Philip Mann is working to change that. “As the director of live performance development for the State of Louisiana, I am focused on creating a thriving theatrical and concert industry statewide,” […]