Micky Loomis


Micky Loomis and Sean Payton still have a lot of work to do this offseason after a disappointing 7-9 season last year. They have made enormous strides parting ways with Jimmy Graham, Curtis Lofton, Pierre Thomas, Ben Grubbs and others. Some have wondered what direction those strides were in. Now, they now have entered the most exciting (or boring) TV fan fare of all, the NFL Draft.

The Saints have countless holes to fill on the roster, including major craters in the defense and on the offensive line. The Saints had two first round picks last night, the thirteenth and the thirty-first pick. I’m glad to see they went with an offensive lineman from Stanford (pictured above) and an inside linebacker from Clemson.

With the thirteenth pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints drafted Andrus Peat, the 6’7″ offensive tackle from Stanford. This is an intelligent pick for the Boys in Black and Gold. They sorely needed another big body to help protect the Messiah, Drew Brees. Drew is still incredibly effective and still a top five quarterback in my very biased opinion, but his time in the NFL is dwindling. The window to win is now and now only.

Coming from Standford, Andrus Peat is well versed in football IQ and is only twenty-one years young. He is quick on his feet for a 6’7″ 300+ pound monstrosity. He has a knack for catching wild blitzes and has an exceptional understanding of pass protections. He does have some weaknesses: those include stopping speed coming off of the edge and trouble getting to the second level of the defense quickly. These can all be fixed with experience, coaching and a little bit of rookie hazing.


With the thirty-first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints drafted Stephone Anthony, the 6’3″ linebacker from Clemson. Anthony was first team All-ACC and led Clemson in tackles, finishing the year with 90. Anthony brings energy, toughness and speed to a battered and bruised defense. He is the type of guy that can thrive in the Rob Ryan exciting blitz package defense. Anthony can play inside linebacker and utilize his speed to block gaps and make impact plays both through the air and on the ground. Sean Payton and Rob Ryan are both very excited with their late first round draft pick complimenting Anthony’s leadership and bursts of speed. It’ll be the first time Stephone Anthony will step foot in New Orleans.

The New Orleans Saints currently have the oldest roster in the NFL with the average age of twenty-eight. This means two things: one, they won’t have the spring in their step as they’ve had in the past, and two, experience usually reigns supreme over youth. The Saints have seven picks remaining including No. 44, No. 75 and No. 78. You can watch those live tonight.

I’ll recap the remaining picks on Monday at sceneent.com.