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RECAP: New Orleans Saints Rookie Mini Camp

by Jordan McGuire on May 18, 2015


The Saints Rookie Mini Camp was held over the weekend in the Saints’ indoor practice facility on Airline Drive. With nine draft picks and 13 additional undrafted free agents, the Saints opened their Rookie Mini Camp to many others trying to lock down a spot on a NFL roster. Below we will look at the notable performances of rookie standouts, things to take away looking forward and is Garrett Grayson, the future of the New Orleans Saints.

Andrus Peat

The 6’7 300 pounder is quick on his feet and displays tremendous fluidity for his massive size. Peat hails from Stanford University and was the Saints’ first selection in the 2015 NFL Draft. He is a physical presence and will be a pusher in the run game. He is currently a right tackle but don’t be surprised to see the Saints coaching staff rotate him around at either guard positions and even a shot at the coveted left tackle position. Sean Payton and staff have really liked his football IQ and his intelligent demeanor throughout the post draft process.

Delvin Breaux

A New Orleans native, Delvin Breaux is a graduate from McDonaugh 35. In high school, the Ron Eagle defensive back had an offer from LSU to play football. After a critical injury left him with broken vertebrae, he was forced to be sidelined for six years. He went through the rigors of minor league, arena league and finally landed in the Canadian Football League. Breaux is now regarded as one of the premiere corners in the CFL and was a CFL All Star in 2014. He signed with the Saints in January and could get valuable playing time behind other New Orleans native Keenan Lewis and newly acquired Brandon Browner.


RJ Harris

Pictured above, the 6’0 wide receiver from New Hampshire could find himself on the Saints roster. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in speed and a knack for finding the end zone. The Saints are incredibly talented when it comes to finding small school diamonds in the rough, i.e. Marques Colston from Hofstra University. After watching a couple of high light reels from Harris’ senior year, it is easy to see that this guy could fit into Sean Payton’s offense quite well. Like Brandin Cooks, Harris runs well with jet sweeps and other short screens. He follows his blockers well and catches passes down the middle of the field in an admirably fearless fashion. Expect RJ Harris to find a role on the Saints roster with the recent departure of Kenny Stills.

Stephone Anthony

This guy might become one of the major steals in the 2015 NFL Draft. Hailing from Clemson, the standout middle linebacker has had both Rob Ryan and Sean Payton gushing over his leadership, high motor and work ethic. Expect this guy to be an opening day starter for the Saints’ resurgent defense. Anthony has the size, speed and toughness to start right away for the Saints. He can play outside or middle linebacker and seems to have an exceptional aptness to make plays on the ground or through the air.

Antonio Johnson

Johnson was signed only a number of hours ago following the Saints Rookie Mini Camp. He is a 6’5 300 pound offensive tackle from North Texas University. The former North Texas star was a four year starter who has shown some significant promise is shoring up the depth on the offensive line.

Hau’oli Kikaha

This is the guy who has had nothing but great things said about him since he was selected in the second round by the New Orleans Saints. Kikaha led the nation in sacks last season playing for Washington University. He has been praised for his high motor and contagious work ethic. The former Husky will add depth to either the defensive end or outside linebacker positions and can be an effective pass rusher. Kikaha has suffered two knee injuries but you can expect him to be packaged in defensive situations under the tutelage of Rob Ryan.

Things to take away from this past weekend is the now budding battle in the corner back ranks. From the starters to the cutting floor, Saints have beefed up the corner back competition tremendously. PJ Williams and Delvin Breaux will be immediately competing for the first corner back off the bench but don’t count out other rookie and Georgia alum Damian Swann nipping at their heels.

Some rookies who can expect immediate playing time are the first round selections Andrus Peat and Stephone Anthony and the New Orleans native Delvin Breaux. Andrus Peat has versatility that will allow him to play at either tackle position and could potentially find his way at either guard position. His football intelligence and superior size will greatly impact his playing time. Stephone Anthony could solidify himself as the main focus towards the future of the defense. He will have enormous shoes to fill after the departure of Curtis Lofton but the coaching staff is taken aback by the Clemson star linebacker. Finally, Delvin Breaux was considered a shutdown corner back in the CFL and will hopefully provide a physical presence lining up against either slot or wide recievers.

Finally, is the third round pick Garrett Grayson the future of the New Orleans Saints? I don’t think this is an Aaron Rogers behind Brett Favre situation that many have alluded to. I do, however, believe that the man from Colorado State will serve as the incumbent to future Hall of Famer Drew Brees. He does have a long throwing motion that needs some re-tooling but executes mature throws and is able to throw receivers open. He told the media that he was “a deer in headlights” when he first met Drew Brees and explained that this is a dream come true to learn and play behind Brees. It’s going to be interesting to see his progression under Sean Payton and Drew Brees and maybe 4-5 years down the line he will step in and become the new face of the franchise.




The New Orleans Saints didn’t turn any heads with their first two picks on Thursday night of the NFL Draft, but they did do their best to fill necessary holes in their roster. They drafted the offensive tackle from Stanford Andrus Peat with the thirteenth overall pick, then landed the inside linebacker from Clemson Stephone Anthony with the thirty-first pick. Throughout the next six rounds, the Saints used seven picks to solidify their 2015 roster.

Washington-DE-webHau’oli Kikaha

Picked No. 44 overall and the twelfth pick in the second round, the defensive end from Washington University is now a New Orleans Saint. Hau’oli Kikaha led the nation in sacks last year and his intriguing streak of thirteen games with at least one sack was snapped when he came up short against Arizona University. Kikaha has had some medical issues, tearing his ACL twice, but has the heart and relentlessness to become a great pass rusher in Rob Ryan’s system. Kikaha also has judo and wrestling in his repertoire including winning a championship in judo. This guy is tough. He is hard nosed and can get to the quarterback with the best of them. Good pick to rush from the end and get to the quarterback.

Garrett-Grayson-webGarrett Grayson

Picked No. 75 and the eleventh pick in the third round, here cometh the potential incumbent for Drew Brees. Garrett Grayson hails from Colorado State and was the third quarterback taken in the 2015 draft. He is 6’2″ and scouts say that he throws with anticipation and can throw his receivers open. He lacks a large frame for a pocket passing quarterback but has sneaky athleticism and has the ability to shock defenses with his feet. I believe this guy will be the future under Drew Brees and Sean Payton. I like this pick a lot. Grayson’s deep ball accuracy is probably the best in the entire draft. One big weakness, though, is his long windup throwing motion. This can be fixed and he won’t be rushed to hit the field but his release must be shortened if he ever wants to start in the NFL. This is the earliest the Saints have drafted a quarterback since Archie Manning was taken second overall in the 1971 NFL Draft.

PJWilliams-webPJ Williams

Picked No. 78 and the fourteenth pick in the third round comes another corner back from Florida State University. He has swagger, speed and ball skills to be effective in the NFL one day. I question his discipline and his cocky-natured playing style and how it will translate into the pros. He has enough swagger to compete and make plays and avoid falling down a hole. He was a Under Armour All-American in high school and played in all of Florida State’s fourteen games as a freshman. He was the Defensive MVP of the BCS National Championship Game against Auburn in 2013 and will likely help the Saints down the line as a safety or a lock down corner.

Davis-Tull-webDavis Tull

Picked No. 148 and the twelfth pick in the fifth round is the outside linebacker from Tennessee-Chattanooga University. I had never heard of Davis Tull but with his 6’2 and his high motor and physical prowess he became a player that can bring energy to defensive and special teams schemes for the Saints. He is the three-time Southern Conference Defensive Player of the year and a two-time FCS All-American. He also boasts a 4.0 GPA which shows discipline and football IQ. Tull can come in and bring high energy to special teams and come in the occasional 3rd down situations. He has football experience being a four-year starter but lacks NFL athleticism.

Tyeler-Davidson-webTyeler Davidson

Picked No. 154 and the eighteenth pick in the fifth round is the 316 pound defensive tackle out of Fresno State. Davidson is a handful in the defensive trenches and runs downhill rather quickly. He uses his brute force to block holes and bullies his way into the opposing backfield. Davidson has high character and wrestled in high school which will translate well with his hands and angles of attack. This is a great late round project pick for the Saints as they are always in need to guys getting to the quarterback.

Damian_Swann-webDamian Swann

Picked No. 167 and the thirty-first pick in the fifth round is Georgia University’s Damian Swann. Swann is the 6’0 corner back who played on a struggling SEC secondary. His upside is his ability to play anywhere on the field but lacks speed and discipline to guard downfield with superior receivers. Look to see Swann contribute in the special teams and possibly down the line defensively.


Marcus Murphy

Picked No. 230 and the thirteenth pick in the seventh round is another SEC native, Marcus Murphy. Murphy is the punt and kick return specialist for the Missouri Tigers. He will likely fit the mold of a Brandon Cooks type regarding the special teams realm for the Saints. I don’t see him getting many touches in the loaded backfield for the Saints but you never know with Sean Payton. Hopefully Ingram will get the bulk of the carries but only time will tell when this speedy runner will get touches in the New Orleans backfield.




Micky Loomis and Sean Payton still have a lot of work to do this offseason after a disappointing 7-9 season last year. They have made enormous strides parting ways with Jimmy Graham, Curtis Lofton, Pierre Thomas, Ben Grubbs and others. Some have wondered what direction those strides were in. Now, they now have entered the most exciting (or boring) TV fan fare of all, the NFL Draft.

The Saints have countless holes to fill on the roster, including major craters in the defense and on the offensive line. The Saints had two first round picks last night, the thirteenth and the thirty-first pick. I’m glad to see they went with an offensive lineman from Stanford (pictured above) and an inside linebacker from Clemson.

With the thirteenth pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints drafted Andrus Peat, the 6’7″ offensive tackle from Stanford. This is an intelligent pick for the Boys in Black and Gold. They sorely needed another big body to help protect the Messiah, Drew Brees. Drew is still incredibly effective and still a top five quarterback in my very biased opinion, but his time in the NFL is dwindling. The window to win is now and now only.

Coming from Standford, Andrus Peat is well versed in football IQ and is only twenty-one years young. He is quick on his feet for a 6’7″ 300+ pound monstrosity. He has a knack for catching wild blitzes and has an exceptional understanding of pass protections. He does have some weaknesses: those include stopping speed coming off of the edge and trouble getting to the second level of the defense quickly. These can all be fixed with experience, coaching and a little bit of rookie hazing.


With the thirty-first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints drafted Stephone Anthony, the 6’3″ linebacker from Clemson. Anthony was first team All-ACC and led Clemson in tackles, finishing the year with 90. Anthony brings energy, toughness and speed to a battered and bruised defense. He is the type of guy that can thrive in the Rob Ryan exciting blitz package defense. Anthony can play inside linebacker and utilize his speed to block gaps and make impact plays both through the air and on the ground. Sean Payton and Rob Ryan are both very excited with their late first round draft pick complimenting Anthony’s leadership and bursts of speed. It’ll be the first time Stephone Anthony will step foot in New Orleans.

The New Orleans Saints currently have the oldest roster in the NFL with the average age of twenty-eight. This means two things: one, they won’t have the spring in their step as they’ve had in the past, and two, experience usually reigns supreme over youth. The Saints have seven picks remaining including No. 44, No. 75 and No. 78. You can watch those live tonight.

I’ll recap the remaining picks on Monday at


Steve Gleason Documentary Is Happening

by Jordan McGuire on April 27, 2015


IMG is stepping up to finance and market a full-length feature documentary about Steve Gleason. Gleason is one of the most memorable and inspirational members of the New Orleans Saints in the storied franchise’s history. Gleason was responsible for the blocked punt during the team’s first home game (against the hated Falcons) after Hurricane Katrina. He’s also responsible for so much more.

Steve Gleason was tragically diagnosed with ALS at only thirty-four years old. The Gleason Project will be produced by Seth Gordon (Undefeated) and J. Clay Tweel (Print the Legend) will direct. Gleason’s journey has been very public so they will hopefully have a lot of existing material to work with, in addition to their own filming.

The former Who Dat is considered one of the world’s most recognizable ALS proponents. The special teams warrior played eight years with the Saints from 2000-2008. Three years after he left the team, he was diagnosed with the disease, the doctor gave him two to five years to live. Months later, Gleason found out his wife was pregnant. Steve Gleason now has over 1000 hours of footage to show his son who he truly was. This footage will be greatly used in The Gleason Project.

The film is set to be released in early 2016. Visit the Team Gleason page here.

Source: Deadline


The New Orleans Saints’ March Madness

by Jordan McGuire on March 16, 2015


So far, March Madness has lived up to its name in both college basketball and in the NFL. Thankfully, the national media has been paying more attention to the Eagles, because I know Saints fans are shaking their heads and voicing concern. Shocked is a word that loosely describes the feelings of the Who Dat Nation at the moment. I will lists all the current transactions around the Saints organization and can hopefully shed some light on the situation at hand.

First, let’s discuss the Jimmy Graham situation. Was that one ever out of left field. Nobody saw that one coming, including Jimmy Graham. The trade broke the internet. The beloved Saints hybrid tight end/wide receiver was just coming off the first year of his first huge pro contract. He’s worth the money. He’s an incredible athlete and plays the most pivotal and now revelatory position in pro football. He has helped revolutionize the tight end position in the NFL.

With a 6’6 frame and freakish athleticism and great hands, Jimmy Graham had become one of the most deadly red zone options in the game. The new wave of rebounding bruisers from college hardwood has found its niche in the NFL tight end circuit. It started with Tony Gonzales and Antonio Gates and has now evolved into guys like Jimmy Graham and Julius Thomas, who just signed with the hell hole they call Jacksonville.

Back to the Jimmy deal. I’m fine with shipping out a huge contract for a much needed two-time Pro Bowl center in Max Unger, but why did we have to deal with the Seahawks!? As if I didn’t hate the Richard Sherman-led Seahawks enough. Now this just gives us all one more reason to root against the reigning Super Bowl choke artists. With the Jimmy Graham deal, Mikey Loomis also found a way to add a pick late in the first round. The Saints can do a lot with the 31st pick in the NFL draft as they can move up or down to grab a needed position. Loomis and Sean Payton have been preaching that their goal is to shore up the defense this offseason. The deal with Jimmy Graham helped the offensive line so you would think that Saints will use their newly acquired draft picks on defensive positions. With Ben Watson now leading the way at tight end, this opens up a tight end spot that can be picked up in the upcoming draft. The Saints should look to pick the New Orleans native Rico Gathers who is currently the rebounding machine at Baylor University. Are you asking yourself this question: “a rebounding machine?” Yes, Rico Gathers is the undersized but Herculean-built power forward for the Baylor Bears basketball team. You heard it here first! Rico Gathers will be the next Saints secret weapon at the tight end position.

If shoring up the defense was the front office’s plans initially, then why send Curtis Lofton packing? Lofton was by far, without question, the Saints leader on the defensive side of the ball. Coming off his second career hundred tackle season, the steady linebacker led the Saints in tackling for the third consecutive season. The hole that the Saints must climb out of financially is the lone reason why Lofton must find a home elsewhere. Instead of trading away Lofton to receive some pieces in return, the Saints cut Lofton, sending him into the ever-changing world of NFL Free Agency.

PT-webAlthough I don’t understand the Lofton move, I do completely understand the Pierre Thomas decision. Pierre Thomas was one of the Saints best acquisitions in franchise history. The underrated running back from Illinois University has been an impact player on the ground and through the air. Thomas is the all-time leader is receptions by a running back in Saints history and has been one of the most consistent players in the organization since Deuce McAllister. As much as I love Pierre Thomas, this was the right move for the Saints. Saints signed a very deserving Mark Ingram for four more years and picked up Jarius Byrd’s former teammate and friend CJ Spiller. This move will be up in the air until the speedy Spiller plays and remains healthy throughout the year. The Saints have always had a relatively deep backfield as Sean Payton has a style of playing multiple backs for various offensive situations. Spiller could be used as a pawn to move up or down in the draft, or in the rotational style in the backfield and can be an instant weapon in the special teams.

The final big move of the year is cutting ties with Kenny Stills and Ben Grubbs. There were rumors that Drew Brees was unhappy with both Stills and Grubbs’ work ethics so this is no surprise here. These moves are very under appreciated moves from Loomis. Stills was a fifth round draft pick and exceeded expectations tremendously. He fit the mold of a Lance Moore-type player. Stills is a small, shifty yet fearless receiver who could play from the slot all the way to the outside. The Oklahoma alum was also a deep threat on any given play. The Saints have always done a fine job of drafting underrated talent deep in the draft and this year should be no different. They will look to pick up some offensive firepower late again. Stills was sent to Miami for Dannell Ellerbe, a name that I had to Google upon reading, and also received a third round pick. Elbe will play linebacker for the Saints and this move will impact the goal of shoring up the defense for the future. The Grubbs move will immediately impact the Saints as they have a large hole to fill in the offensive line. This too is a good move for the Saints. Grubbs held a $9.1 million year in front of him and the organization decided that they needed to continue to free up cap space.

After an underwhelming 7-9 season the Saints are looking towards the future. Future Hall of Famer Drew Brees’ Super Bowl window is quickly closing and the Saints will look to protect him in his remaining years. Who knows how the job Mikey Loomis and Sean Payton have done will pan out but for now let’s support them and leave the brown bags at home. These guys have rarely failed throughout their incredible run thus far with the Saints. I have all the confidence in the world that these are the correct moves in order for this blossoming franchise to succeed. But, if the Saints fail to have a winning record, expect to see Loomis on the hot seat and expect some unruly fans to voice their opinions come Sunday in the Dome.



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