Ryan Phillippe

ryan-Phillippe-webEntertainment One Films has just acquired the US and Canadian distribution rights to Catch Hell. The suspense thriller, which stars Ryan Phillippe and is also his directorial debut, was filmed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana under the working title Shreveport. This will be the second acquisition by Barry Meyeroitz, President of eOne US Film and Distribution, who has been working to integrate his Phase 4 Films into eOne.

Catch Hell revolves around Phillippe’s character, who plays a former Hollywood star who now resides in Louisiana. He is kidnapped by two mysterious men from his past and finds himself stuck in the midst of a twisted scheme. Chained down in a decrepit shack, he discovers the actual motives of his abductors and must fight for survival and revenge in order to come out alive.

Phillippe’s directorial debut is from a script he wrote with Joe Gossett. He will also be producing alongside Robert Odgen Barnum and Holly Wiersma. Mark Burg and Cassian Elwes are executive producers.

Make sure to Catch Hell when the film hits theaters this fall.

Source: Deadline