Stephen Lang Goes ‘Into The Badlands’

by Jordan McGuire on May 13, 2015


Stephen Lang will join Louisiana-shot series Into The Badlands, AMC’s newest kung-fu series. Lang will join Marton Csokas, Daniel Wu, Aramis Knight, Madeleine Mantock, Ally Ioannides, Emily Beecham, Sarah Bolger, Oliver Stark and Orla Brady.

Stephen Lang will play Waldo, who once held the title of the most sadistic Clippers in the Badlands. Waldo trained Sunny (Daniel Wu) to be a Clipper. In the six-episode series, Waldo will be bound to a wheelchair but the animalistic killer instinct still remains deep within his soul.

Lang will also be in North Louisiana as he is set for a resurrecting role in WGN’s Salem’s sophomore season. Lang’s character, Increase Mather, will literally rise from the dead this season. Stephen Lang is having a very busy year as James Cameron also announced that Lang’s character will be returning for the Avatar films in the future.

Directed by David Dobkin, Into the Badlands began shooting late last month in New Orleans. AMC’s newest show will premiere this Fall. Watch the teaser trailer here. If you want to apply for a job on Into The Badlands, look for contact information and more on jobScene.

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The new devilishly cryptic trailer for Season 2 of Salem has been released. Mary is singing a lullaby to her son. The lullaby is sweet on the exterior but is riddled with frightening subtext through high pitched sounds to every jump cut. We also catch a glimpse of Lucy Lawless. Lawless will play Countess Marburg, she claims to be the last of the remaining witches.

Hopefully Lawless’ character will be a worthy adversary to Mary Sibley, the reigning witch. Shane West is briefly seen, too, bloodied and disordered in the forests of Salem. That scene, in particular, reminds me of a scene right out of the Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown. The townspeople are frightened as the word “WAR” is written in a fiery font atop a patch of grass. Their fears are answered as they realize that the witch war is upon them.

Salem released some provocative Season 2 key art that illustrates the inevitable witch war.

Finally, the trailer closes with a man sheepishly walking into a house. A small girl tells the man not to enter the house because someone is inside. The man quickly finds out that the small girl was warning the man of his certain death upon entry.

Salem Season 2 premieres April 5. For more information visit the official website



Shreveport-Shot ‘Salem’ Season 2 Key Art

by Jordan McGuire on February 27, 2015


Mary Sibley is the baddest witch in Salem. WGN America has just released key art for Season 2 of Salem. The series will pick up during the epic Witch Wars. Janet Montgomery plays the powerful witch Mary Sibley who will face rivals old and new, contending for her mighty throne.

The war-torn town of Salem has undergone wretched havoc as Mary Sibley defends her sovereignty. Shane West, Seth Gabel, Ashley Madekwe, Tamzin Merchant, Elise Eberle and Iddo Goldberg will return with Montgomery for Season 2. New faces such as Lucy Lawless, Stuart Townsend, Joe Doyle and Oliver Bell will inhabit the old witch town in 17th century Massachusetts.

Watch the Season 2 trailerSalem Season 2 premieres April 5. For more information visit the official website


Mary Sibley hanging from a traditional cross as the world behind her is turned upside down.


A crow roosts on a witch atop a maligned church.


Mary Sibley is centered holding a severed noose as her rival witches unnervingly float behind her.


A noose secures the lips of a witch and is lowered to form the ‘A’ in the Salem title.


‘Salem’ Season 2 Will Premiere on April 5

by Jordan McGuire on January 29, 2015


The first original scripted series from WGN America will return with its sophomore season on Sunday, April 5. Salem recently added recurring stars Lucy Lawless and Peter Townsend to the cast in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The thirteen-episode second season is described as a “witch war.” Janet Montgomery’s Mary Sibley, the deadliest witch in Salem, vies to take control of the 17th century town in Massachusetts. In this re-imagining of the Salem witch trials, Mary Sibley will face rival witches as they all fight for the proverbial witch throne.

Season one of Salem is available to binge watch on Netflix now. You have plenty of time to catch up with the witchy bedlam, and you can watch the Salem Season 2 trailer here.

The supernatural thriller is written and created by 24’s Brannon Braga and Adam Simon and is produced by Fox 21. The show also stars Shane West, Seth Gabel, Ashley Madekwe, Tamzin Merchant, Elise Eberle and Iddo Goldberg.

As Scene mentioned earlier, Lucy Lawless will play Countess Marburg and Stuart Townsend will play Samuel Wainwright. Marburg is one of the last descendants of a legendary line of German witches and Wainwright is the perplexing doctor exploring Salem for its deepest secrets. Joe Doyle has the role of Baron Sebastian Marburg who is a charming son-of-a-witch(weak pun intended). Mary’s long-lost son is played by Oliver Bell.

Keep an eye on updated scheduling by visiting Salem’s official website

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Lucy Lawless and Stuart Townsend will join the Shreveport-shot Salem cast for season two. Both actors will have recurring roles. Lawless will play Countess Marburg and Townsend will play Samuel Wainright. Salem is set in the 17th century during the notorious witch trials where executions were part of the town’s narrative.

Parks And Recreation alum Lawless will switch gears from playing Ron Swanson’s wife to become Countess Marburg, a woman with the long bloodline of German witches. Townsend, who famously took the role of Lestat in Anne Rice’s Queen of the Damned, will play an English aristocrat, Samuel Wainright.

The first season starring Shane West and Janet Montgomery gained a strong following. Salem brings the witch trials to life and doesn’t stop until an execution is made.

Make sure to binge watch season one on Netflix and check out Salem’s season 2 trailer here. Also, read Scene’s exclusive interview with Baton Rouge native and Salem star Shane West here.



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