Terminator: Genisys

Trailer: New Orleans-Shot ‘Terminator: Genisys’

by Jordan McGuire

Yesterday we finally got our first glimpse of Terminator: Genisys. The New Orleans-shot film began production in April of 2014. Arnold Schwarzenegger is back, and we finally get some idea of how the sixty-seven year old actor will reprise a role he created when he was only thirty-six. As an audience, we also get an understanding of […]

JK Simmons Says ‘Terminator: Genisys’ Is a Love Story

by Arthur Vandelay

JK Simmons has been a busy man these days, starring in Terminator: Genisys and giving an excellent performance in the Sundance favorite Whiplash.  Simmons recently spoke about his role in Terminator and revealed a not-so-surprising secret: the robot reboot is a love story. “It’s a gigantic movie and that was such a surprise when they sent that […]


by Micah Haley

This article originally ran in the 2014 September/October issue of Scene Magazine. The death of Lauren Bacall is a reminder of a time that once was. Plucked from obscurity as a movie usher and fashion model, Bacall was cast opposite Humphrey Bogart by director Howard Hawks. She was an overnight success. That was 1944. The […]

Arnold Reveals The Official Title of T5: ‘Terminator: Genisys’

by Michelle Preau

The fifth Terminator film just wrapped up filming in New Orleans and the movie now has officially been given a title. After Arnold Schwarzenegger posted the above image on Instagram, Paramount Pictures confirmed that the movie title is indeed Terminator: Genisys. During filming, the working title has been “Terminator: Genesis” so the actioner’s official title isn’t much of […]