True Blood

‘True Blood’s’ Return Ratings Top Season 6

by Michelle Preau

When HBO returned to Bon Temps last Sunday night, 5.8 million viewers tuned in to watch the season premiere of the seventh and final season of True Blood. That is 3% higher than the premiere of the sixth season, which boasted 5.6 million views. The show had four plays at 9PM, 10PM, 11:30PM and 1AM. So far, […]

Sam Trammell Talks ‘True Blood’ and Indie Flick ‘White Rabbit’

by Arthur Vandelay

This interview originally ran in the December 2012 issue of Scene Magazine. He is currently starring in the seventh and final season of True Blood on HBO. Known nationwide as Bon Temps bar owner Sam Merlotte on HBO’s True Blood, Sam Trammell’s not faking it. “I actually lived in New Orleans twice. I was born there, lived […]

‘True Blood’ Musical in the Making

by Samantha Roberge

After seven twisted seasons, HBO’s True Blood will soon come to a close. But will it really be the end for these bloodthirsty characters? Composer Nathan Barr has announced that this may not be the end and that a True Blood musical is in the works. At the True Blood seventh season premiere, Barr said, […]

‘True Blood’s Final Season Premieres

by Arthur Vandelay

The final season of veteran vamp camp drama True Blood premiered last night. If the first episode of the series seventh season is any indicator, it’s going to get crazy. Scene has covered the Louisiana-set HBO show closely over its run. Our exclusive interview with Vampire Bill himself Stephen Moyer is one of our best. […]

Anna Paquin Weeps Blood for ‘True Blood’ Season 7

by Arthur Vandelay

Veteran vamp camp drama True Blood returns to HBO next month for its seventh and final season. To tease its return, HBO has released a slew of new images, including key art that features Anna Paquin crying tears of blood. The tagline reads, “True to the End.” The Louisiana-shot series, based on the popular series […]

TRAILER: ‘True Blood’ Season 7

by Arthur Vandelay

The veteran vamp camp favorite True Blood returns to HBO on June 22, just as Game of Thrones concludes. The show’s seventh season will be its final season, closing the coffin on characters like Vampire Bill Compton and faerie child Sookie Stackhouse. Although the show is set in Louisiana, only a small number of scenes have been shot in […]

Upcoming season of ‘True Blood’ will bring show to a close

by Lindsey Hopton

HBO president Michael Lombardo announced Tuesday the hit show True Blood‘s seventh season will be its final. Although audience views are consistently high (10.6 million per episode), the critically praised series will spend only ten more episodes in the fantastical world of Bon Temps, Louisiana where humans and vampires co-exist. Based on the best-selling novels […]

‘True Blood’ Renewed for Season 7

by Catie Ragusa

HBO’s blood-sucking drama True Blood continues to impress with an ever-growing fanbase. The Louisiana-set vampire fantasy series will air its seventh season next summer. Brian Buckner will return as the show’s executive producer and showrunner for his second season. Season 6 kicked off on June 26 with 4.5 million viewers, topping even the Season 3 premiere of Game […]

TEASER: ‘True Blood’ Season 6

by Jena Dardar

Returning on June 16 is HBO’s True Blood, now in its sixth action packed season.  The show is based in the fictional town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Star of the show Stephen Moyer, who has also recently starred in Priest and The Caller, flexes his creative muscles by directing the season six opener.